Yoni Egg: This stone promises better Sex, and more femininity

While rose quartz and Jade-scooters are just, more and more in the bathroom, in order to have a healthier and brighter spells the end of skin to celebrate the gems in any other Form, moving into the bedroom.

More and more women swear by the Yoni-Egg. However, what is the little helper is really good?

A strong pool with the Yoni Egg

In short, the Egg is to help to strengthen the pelvic floor muscles. To this purpose, it is introduced into the Vagina, the woman is stretched repeatedly, the muscles, the Egg briefly and relaxed again.

This process can be repeated as often — many Users keep it on for hours. Most of Yoni eggs are attached to a ribbon so they can be easily removed, however, there are also those that come without an attachment, therefore, these are probably more for the Advanced.

Often Yoni are manufactured eggs made of precious stones, because the user to measure the inside also spiritual significance. But why should we deal at all with an Egg for the Vagina?

Not only the sex life, benefits of Yoni Egg

A well-trained pelvic floor muscles should help, for example, the sex life on the jumps: The muscles for increased blood flow, orgasms will be more intense perceived.

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In addition, the Vagina narrows, contractions are more intense. However, not only in the Sex, Yoni will result in eggs true miracle.

Thus, the small training aides are first-class allies against incontinence: Who trained at an early stage with the Egg, can prevent bladder weakness.

Even after the birth of the Egg can help to tighten the tissues in the genital area.

In addition, the Egg can help to address the body with more mindfulness. The user is forced to concentrate on your body and much more involved with the Vagina and the pelvic area to address.

What an expert for the Yoni Egg to say?

As is so often the experts are divided in their assessment. “Any Form of pelvic floor muscle training can affect our sex life a positive effect,” explains gynaecologist Dr. Borjana Tymiec to the Portal ‘Elle’.

But she also warns of the health damage, if the Egg is not used properly.

“Sure, the practice is only for women with a stable flora and in short duration to get a Divorce. Advise I would the women, to blow the and inflammation of the vaginal tend. Of a long duration spent (up to twelve hours!) I would advise against in General.”

Problems, the expert also looks at the Hygiene. It is important to clean the stone after each use thoroughly with hot water.

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