Type 2 diabetes: Five of the worst foods if you want to lower blood sugar

Type 2 diabetes is a condition that occurs when a person does not produce enough insulin to function properly. It could also mean that the body’s cells don’t react to insulin and this is known as insulin resistance. At first, the pancreas makes extra insulin to make up for it. However, over time it isn’t able to keep up and can’t make enough insulin to keep the blood glucose at normal levels. Type 2 diabetes is the most common form of diabetes and when it comes to what foods to eat there are five foods that will wreak havoc on the blood sugar. What are they?

Many type 2 diabetics are aware what foods they should eat.

Foods that include complex carbohydrates such as brown rice, whole wheat, quinoa, oatmeal, fruits, vegetables, beans and lentils are all recommended for healthy blood sugar levels.

When it comes to the foods to avoid however, certain foods can raise the blood sugar and insulin levels and promote inflammation. This in turn may increase the risk of disease so what are the five worst?

Sugar-sweetened beverages

Sugary beverages are the worst drink choice for someone with type 2 diabetes.

In a study with The BMJ, sweetened drinks for type 2 diabetics were analysed.

The study concluded that sweetened drinks posed the greatest risk other than sugary foods. Sweetened drinks are loaded with fructose and is strongly linked to insulin resistance and diabetes. 

Trans fats

Trans fats are created by adding hydrogen to unsaturated fatty acids in order to make them more stable. They are extremely unhealthy and are linked to an increase in inflammation, insulin resistance and belly fat.

In a 2013 study, trans fatty acids affected the metabolic syndrome, diabetes and coronary heart disease, making a person more susceptible to serious health conditions. 

White bread, pasta and rice

Eating these foods has been shown to significantly increase blood sugar levels in people with type 2 diabetes.

A 2003 study looked at meals containing a high carbohydrate item and how it not only raised blood sugar levels but also decreased brain function in people with type 2 diabetes.

Choosing whole wheat and brown pasta, bread and rice is less damaging on blood sugar levels. 

Sweetened breakfast cereals

According to health experts, eating sweetened breakfast cereals is actually the worst way to start your day if you have type 2 diabetes.

Diabetes UK said on their website: “Some cereals that may appear healthy are not always as good for you as they seem.

“They can contain high amounts of free sugars and are lower in fibre.” In addition, sweetened breakfast cereals provide very little protein.

Packaged snack foods

Foods such as pretzels, crackers and other packaged finds are not good choices for type 2 diabetics. These foods are often make with refined flour and provide very few nutrients.

Keep sugar, fat and salt to a minimum and eat breakfast, lunch and dinner every day – don’t skip meals


In a 2013 study, nutrition labels found on convenient snack foods contained more carbs that stated on their nutrition label. 

These foods are typically highly processed foods that raise blood sugar levels.

For a type 2 diabetic, knowing which foods to avoid can sometimes be difficult however the main goal should include staying away from unhealthy fats, liquid sugars, processed grains and other foods that contain refined carbs.

The NHS said: “You should eat a wide range of foods, including fruit, vegetables and some starchy foods. Keep sugar, fat and salt to a minimum and eat breakfast, lunch and dinner every day – don’t skip meals.”

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