The Restaurant serves dishwashing liquid instead of Apple juice: girls (1) in an artificial coma

In France, a toddler has suffered severe burns because of him in a Restaurant instead of Apple juice from a glass with a cleaning agent was served.

The 22-month-old girl had swallowed the liquid on Thursday in a chic Restaurant in the West of France Pornic, was on Monday from the police a report of the newspaper &quot circles;Ouest-France" confirmed. The girl was later brought in a life-threatening condition to the hospital.

The police said that an employee of the restaurant had filled up the washing-up liquid in a Beverage can and on the counter forgotten. A colleague had believed, therefore, that it was a drink, and I put the canister in the fridge. Therefore, the dangerous liquid had been gives as Apple juice.

Girl is in an artificial coma but out of danger

In consequence of this mishap, the girls came on Thursday with pain in the stomach and esophagus to the University hospital of Nantes. The father of the child said "Ouest-France", the Small float is no longer in danger of their lives, but kept in an artificial coma. The girl threatened to lose because of the chemical burns to his esophagus. The parents reimbursed due to "serious Nachlässigkeit" Display, the public Prosecutor of Nantes launched an investigation.

The Restaurant "La Fontaine aux Bretons" said on his Facebook page, the workforce was because of the incident "on the ground zerstört". The entire staff, a review of the security measures had been initiated.

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