The year long dispute in France: Doctors diet of a coma patient against the wishes of the parents stop

After a year-long legal dispute, the days of the famous coma are counted patients in France: the Doctors of The University hospital in Reims in the East of the country ended on Monday, the life-support measures for the 42-year-old Vincent ends Lambert, as the lawyer for the family announced.

This is done against the resistance of the parents, who were gone for the life of your son through all the instances, but without success.

Vincent Lambert is paralyzed since a motorcycle accident ten years ago, the cross-section and lies in a kind of awake coma. Since he is no longer, according to a report in the case of consciousness, the Doctors, the artificial diet now. He is likely to die in a few days.

"This is a disgrace, an absolute Skandal", the lawyer for the parents, Jean Paillot said. Lambert’s mother and father had not yet had time to say goodbye with a kiss from your son.

Parents asked the President to help

The parents of a former male nurse are devout Catholics, and had set on the weekend once all levers in motion, in order to save the life of her son. In an open letter to the President of Emmanuel Macron, asked you personally to support. Before that, they had failed in a six-year legal battle before the highest authorities of France and of the Council of Europe.

The European court of human rights in Strasbourg and the French Council of state as Supreme administrative court had decided in the spring in the sense of the doctors.