Over 4,000 Amazon Reviewers Are Obsessed With This $10 Pack Of Sports Bras

Ladies, let’s face the facts: finding the right sports bra can be tough. Finding one at a good price? Well that can be even tougher. This is, however, until now—at least according to 4,130 positive Amazon reviewers who cannot stop obsessing over an undergarment deemed worthy of descriptors like “perfect,” “amazing,” and “best sports bra ever!”

And, annnnnd you can get two sports bras for the jaw-dropping price of—wait for it—$9.98. That’s two (!!) for not even the price of one.

Known as the MIRITY Racerback Sports Bras, these crowd-pleasing products are made of spandex and nylon, which allow them to be easily pulled over your head before and after your workout. That’s right, no wriggling out of a wet AF wardrobe situation post-workout—something that’s also made possible likely due in part to the moisture-wicking fabric and ventilation panels.

Apparently, this sports bra’s breathability is so impressive it, per one reviewer, “feels as if moisture is pulled away from your body to keep cool.”They also win points for having removable pads, which prevent nipples from peepin’ through, and for being supportive enough to steer clear of “saggy uniboob” without being pulled so tight that it’s like “trying to fit into a sausage casing.”

Available in three different-priced packs—two for $9.98, three for $21.99, and five for $30.79—the high-impact sports bras range in color from basic black to electric blue, all of which, per multiple customers, “fit perfectly” from the minute they’re delivered.

So what about once they’ve been worn and washed? Well, according to the 3,209 5-star reviewers, the sports bras’ stretch, support, and comfort all withstand the test of time. Just take it from this passionate purchaser:

“These are SO supportive for Cardio, Weight Training, Yoga, Pilates, everything!!! I can lean forward, backward, sideways, jump, stretch, etc…. and everything STAYS IN PLACE!! SO COMFORTABLE AND AFFORDABLE! I was worried that a medium might be too much compression, but I was wrong. These are perfect! I will be getting more…”

And at a bra bargain of two for $10? I’m sold.

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