More Sex and feelings: The wish to change German to your Partner

No relationship is perfect and it is the one or other point at which it could be better is most of the time.

Almost 3,000 in a relationship living men and women were interviewed by the Online Dating service elite partner, to explore, where the couples need for improvement. So quite surprisingly, the results of the survey are not.

Men want more Sex

The Top 5 men as follows:

Women yearn for more feeling

Also in the case of women, the results are not particularly surprising. Women’s miss in front of all their men: emotions.

In order to lead a glückiche relationship, it is especially important to communicate about problems and wishes, as a psychologist Lisa Fischbach explains:

“The results show very clearly the challenges faced by couples in various relationship stages: Namely to ensure a satisfactory communication, emotional closeness and sexuality. Who stays in and talk about different needs agreed, stabiliisert the We-feeling.”

The people who are completely satisfied and no need for improvement at the Other see, are in the minority: Just once every Sixth wants the other half remains as it is.


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Luisa High Brink, Cover Media

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