How to boost your immune system – the best diet to improve your natural defences

Your immune system is your body’s natural way of defending against some harmful bacteria and viruses, and a healthy gut is key to your overall health. Eating a Mediterranean diet is one of the best and easiest ways to improve your immune system, said ITV This Morning’s Dr Michael Mosley.

“[Your immune system] is one of the first lines of your defence,” said physician Dr Mosely.

“We know that there are microbes living in your gut, and they are there to defend you against other microbes that come in.

“But they do more than that because they help to build your immune system and your defences and things like that. Your microbial health is incredibly important.

“I’m a huge fan of the Mediterranean diet. I’ve written quite a few books on different things, and the Mediterranean diet is at the heart of all those books.

“My wife is GP and she does all of the recipes, and she is super keen on the Mediterranean diet.

“She gets all of her patients on it, and many people are able to put their diabetes into remission and things like that.”

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