Why us in the car sometimes, evil is

Who is in the car in a bad way, the brain is playing a trick, because, in sensitive persons, it reacted in a similar way as in the case of poisoning. The reason is a confusing Input is: The brain has difficulty in that it takes a movement, though we sit still. For all cases, therefore, the Signal to our stomach to empty rather quickly.

Scientists assume that the brain conflicting messages when driving a car similar to the case of a poisoning responded: to pass, is the easiest way to remove neurotoxins or poisons from the stomach. They assume that sickness is due to the fact that people are, historically, only recently in cars, buses, boats or aircraft on the move, and our brain has not adapted yet to complete.

While our organ of balance indicates that we are moving, notify other Sensors of the body that we sit still. "As soon as the brain is confused by something, it reports for all cases ,just Be krank‘", neuroscientist Dean Burnett of Cardiff University, said. "As a result, we are travel sick, because the brain is feared to be poisoned."

To look out of the window, could actually help, because it signals to the brain motion. A book or a card to read, do the thing is often worse, because it pretends that the brain immobility. Some people it helps to listen to your favorite music. A lightweight, protein-rich meal before the ride would calm the stomach.


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