Immune system Boost: 3 Tricks that help you get fit through the Winter – Video

Especially in the cold Season a high risk of Infection. Everywhere Sneeze and blow of noise. High time to support the defence forces in the fight against bacteria and viruses. A doctor explains how you can strengthen your immune system with simple steps.

Fresh air, sleep, and sports to bring the body’s defenses in motion. Doctor Oliver Abbushi announced measures to strengthen the defenses.

Trick 1: sleep in the day

A rested body is an important prerequisite for a functional immune system, says doctor Oliver Abbushi. Lack of sleep makes the Cortisol levels in the body increase. This stress hormone weakens the immune system. The Cortisol-keep the Level low and to strengthen the immune system, it will need at least seven hours of sleep per night.

Trick 2: movement in the fresh air

Also sufficient exercise helps the body’s own defense. Anyone who drives a few times a week Sport, is less likely to get sick and overcome infections faster. House doctor Abbushi recommends a physical activity of a minimum of three times 30 minutes a week. A particularly effective exercise in the fresh air. Because the days of light and sunshine to stimulate Vitamin D synthesis in the skin. This Vitamin in turn activates the killer cells of the immune system.

Trick 3: The change from hot to cold

The sauna and contrast showers bring the blood circulation and strengthen the immune system. Because the body gets used to the extreme temperature differences and can help us deal better with the change from cold winter air to warm room temperature. The doctor, however, warns against such measures in a weakened state.

In addition, the doctor to the shock advises airing. Heated rooms should be several times every day with a ten-minute supply of oxygen from the outside. A air humidifier compensates for the additional heating of the air in the room, dries out the mucous membranes and makes them more susceptible to viruses.

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