High blood pressure in young athletes

Of young athletes, it is assumed that you are in very good physical condition. Studies at two American universities have shown, however, that a majority of the athlete had elevated blood pressure, and thus a larger risk for cardiovascular diseases was exposed.

In the case of 329 athletes from the University of Florida and the University of Georgia, the blood pressure in the context of a medical examination prior to participation was measured at the high-school sports. It showed that 47 percent of the athletes had an elevated blood pressure (higher than 120/80 mmHg). In itself, it is believed that only five to ten percent of women in this age of the case. Of the athletes with high blood pressure values, the values at 61 per cent, were slightly increased, with 38 per cent it was between 130-139/80-89 mmHg, and a percentage even higher.

At a young age drugs?

"This is really a remarkable share, since it’s young, supposedly healthy women handelt", Dr. Cecil Rambarat, a cardiologist at the University of Florida. "If these athletes at a younger age have a high blood pressure develop – may be in connection with your Training or your life style – we need to think of ways to change identifiable risk factors or to treat consider, some of the patients already at a young age with drugs against high blood pressure."

The researchers also found blood pressure differences in various types of sports for example Softball game at the end of women &ndash had; a sports with low static and moderate dynamic component – more likely to have a elevated blood pressure than women, the Gymnastics – a sport with low dynamics.


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