Health service homeopathy referred to as a “fundamentally flawed”

The UK’s National Health Service (NHS) has once again expressed serious concerns about homeopathy. The Director Simon Stevens described the treatment approach in a letter to the semi-state health-professional standard Board of the PSA as a “fundamentally flawed”, as the “Guardian” reported.

Already in 2017, the NHS no longer stopped British Doctors to prescribe Globules. The effect of which was “at best a placebo,” and their prescription was a “misuse of NHS funds,” said Stevens at the time. A court supported this claim in that it dismissed a lawsuit of the British society of homeopaths back.

In the UK, the PSA (Professional Standards Authority for Health and Social Care) monitors as an independent body, the nine statutory bodies that regulate health professionals in the UK – these are roughly comparable with the German chambers of Physicians. If professions are not regulated by law, sets the PSA Standards and accredits those who meet these rules. To ensure that people in the medical profession to meet consistent criteria, properly trained and qualified.

Together with the medical Director of the NHS, Stephen Powis wrote to Stevens now, the accreditation of the society of homeopaths gives the false impression that the procedures were clinically and scientifically proven.

“The treatment of the best if not”

Although the homeopaths were some of the PSA meet the Standards, whether their practice is not a substitute for clinically proven medical treatments. This can lead, according to Stevens patients to purchase self-Globules in pharmacies: “Everything, what gives homeopathy a credible touch, can lead to more and more people are moving to, your hard earned money for a treatment that at best does nothing and at worst can be dangerous,” it said in the Letter.

In April of 2019, it was announced that the NHS spends approximately of 55,000 pounds (about 63.650 euros) a year for homeopathic remedies. Five years ago there were around 100,000 pounds. In spite of the declining Numbers of experts called to write Globules on the “Black list”, so that they can’t be from public funds financed.

The NHS is the national health system of great Britain. In contrast to many other countries, it is financed from General tax revenues and provides each UK resident Person medical care.

European countries will discuss homeopathy

Also in other European countries, homeopathy is controversial. France’s health Ministry had removed in July, and the cash refund for Globules. In Germany, there is strong debate, whether health insurance companies should assume the costs for, among others, Globules, or not.

Homeopathy belongs not to the benefit catalogue of the statutory health insurance. However, many funds will reimburse the cost of your Insured homeopathic treatment as a voluntary performance, because there is a demand. This is also a tool in the competitive struggle.

The kassenärztliche bundesvereinigung, and the SPD parliamentary group Deputy Karl Lauterbach have already spoken out in favour of statutory health insurance funds reimbursement of homeopathic remedies in. Federal Minister of health, Jens Spahn (CDU), however, does not want to interfere with the assumption of costs by the health insurance companies.

The Bremen chamber of Physicians had recently abolished as the first state chamber of physicians of Germany, further developments on the topic of homeopathy. The reason given was that a structured training procedure, the effect of which was not scientifically possible, is silly.