Fluorides block the thyroid

Table of contents

  • Fluoride can block the thyroid
  • Fluoride: used to be a thyroid gland drug
  • What dose of Fluoride inhibits the thyroid gland?
  • How Fluoride affect the thyroid
  • Fluoride aggravate iodine deficiency
  • Not every thyroid disorder is immediately noticeable!

Fluoride can block the thyroid

The thyroid gland regulates the metabolism speed of the body and therefore plays – as small as it is – a tremendously important role for human health.

Each individual cell that is involved in some way in the Metabolism requires thyroid hormones.

The thyroid gland produces suddenly less hormones than required, then the metabolism is reduced and it can come in all sorts of areas of the body to disturbances.

Substances that have a harmful effect – whether it is resistant or overly stimulating to the thyroid, it is, therefore, to avoid widely.

Fluoride is one of these substances. You have the ability to slow down the thyroid activity.

Fluoride: used to be a thyroid gland drug

Today, we know Fluoride as tablets, together with Vitamin D to babies in the first months of life.

The Vitamin D to prevent rickets and lead to healthy bones and teeth. And the Fluoride will help the perfect development of skeleton, and masticatory apparatus.

Other fluoride sources in the modern people are fluoridated toothpastes and tooth gel, fluoridated varnish that the dentist applies the fluoride salt.

All of these applications apply to the teeth.

Until the 1950s it was fluorides, but also as a medicine.

It was due to his schildddrüse suppressive effect glands regularly prescribed to treat the hyperthyroidism (hyperthyroidism).

What dose of Fluoride inhibits the thyroid gland?

According to clinical studies, the then fluoride dose, which could reduce the thyroid function was relatively low; it was just 2 to 5 mg a day. (Galletti & Joyet 1958).

This dose could be achieved even without the tablets:

Who drinks fluoride-rich water, with a litre of between 0.7 and 1 mg of fluoride (check the label of your mineral water!).

Per gram of salt (fluoridated) 0.25 mg of fluoride.

Children swallow the toothpaste, in addition, a number of micro grams of fluoride. Adults may also – in particular when high-dose fluoridated tooth gel to be used, to some time on the teeth to act.

Moreover, conventionally produced food can be with the fluoride residues, in agriculture, fluoride-containing pesticides are used.

The possibility exists, therefore, even today, and completely without medication, to get in lot of areas, which can inhibit thyroid function.

It is important to note that a healthy thyroid is with a much lower fluoride dose inhibit a thyroid in Hyperthyroidism. Thus, it is conceivable that you can affect with a significantly smaller fluoride amounts of the thyroid function.

Could be involved, therefore, the ubiquitous Fluoride in the rising number of thyroid functions? And not only in Europe, but also in the USA and many other countries?

How Fluoride affect the thyroid

The presumption that Fluoride can strengthen a sub-function of the thyroid gland or even cause, is supported by numerous studies from China, India and Russia.

In these studies, it was found that in the case of populations that came with increased fluoride doses are in contact (either in the workplace or via the drinking water), the Thyroid hormone levels significant changes were observed.

These groups of people had reduced T3 and increased TSH values. (NRC 2006; Susheela 2005; Mikhailets 1996; Yao 1996; Bachinskii 1985; Yu 1985)

T3 stands for triiodothyronine. It is the more active of the two thyroid hormones and is produced in the thyroid gland.

The TSH is a hormone produced in the brain by the pituitary gland (hypophysis). It is distributed to the thyroid gland for the formation of thyroid hormones is to stimulate, so if the thyroid hormone level in the blood is too low.

Increased TSH indicates a low thyroid function.

Why, however, fluorides can interfere with the thyroid in such a way?

Fluoride aggravate iodine deficiency

Aligning animal and human studies consistently demonstrate that exposure to excessive fluoride amounts worsen the effects of iodine deficiency. (Gas’kov 2005; Hong 2001; Wang 2001; Zhao in 1998; Xu 1994; Lin 1991; Ren 1989; Guan 1988)

The trace element Iodine is the most important component of the thyroid hormones T3 and T4 can form.

Sufficient Iodine intake is, therefore, very important for the optimal function of the thyroid gland.

Suffers now, for example, a pregnant woman is iodine deficiency, can affect the intelligence quotient (IQ) of your child. To take moreover, as a small child, or in the early youth years, too little Iodine, this may even lead to permanent brain damage.

Chinese scientists have now found in several studies that iodine deficiency in combination with a fluoride load can have a significantly more serious effect on neurological development than iodine deficiency alone. (Hong 2001; Xu 1994; Lin 1991; Ren 1989)

Fluoride to exacerbate the negative effects of iodine deficiency.

Studies in which the intelligence of the children affected as the measurement value for the neurological health was used, showed that there is already fluoride in quantities of only 0.9 ppm can amplify the harmful effects of an existing iodine deficiency on the intelligence quotient (IQ) significantly (Lin 1991).

This concentration is, in fact, the supposedly “optimal” amount of fluoride, which is added to in countries where drinking water fluoridation of the public water supplies (from 0.7 – 1.2 ppm).

A lack of iodine promotes other forms of fluoride toxicity, including dental fluorosis. (Zhao 1998; see also Pontigo-Loyola, 2008)

That is, the more it suffers from iodine deficiency, the more dangerous can have Fluoride.

Not every thyroid disorder is immediately noticeable!

Now it may be that they believe to have a healthy thyroid gland, because they feel no clear symptoms that would point to an Under – or Overactive.

However, research results indicate that Fluoride can contribute to both a clinical (with symptoms) and subclinical (without symptoms) hypothyroidism.

A clinical thyroid function is now available that can restore the thyroid gland, sufficient quantities of the hormones Triiodothyronine (T3) and thyroxine (T4).

The symptoms are pretty clear. These include fatigue, muscle and joint pain, depression, weight gain, menstrual disturbances, infertility, Memory problems, and inability to concentrate.

In the case of subclinical hypothyroidism, only the TSH are increased values. The T3 and T4 values are within the standard values.

Previously it was believed that subclinical hypothyroidism is Suffering a lot. Today, however, the Conviction is more and more that it is a “clinically significant disturbance”.” (Gencer 2012)

Some studies have brought this connection to light that there is a need in pregnant women no-clinical hypothyroidism, so it comes to a lower IQ of the child. This can be a subclinical hypothyroidism. (Klein 2001; Haddow 1999)

And a recent study in the journal The Journal of The American Medical Association was published, found that adults with subclinical hypothyroidism have a significantly higher incidence of Coronary heart disease. (Rodondi 2010)

It is therefore, any thyroid disorder, to ensure an adequate iodine intake and to avoid those substances that can cause damage to the thyroid gland damage – such as Fluoride – consistently.

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