Chemical burn victim Carmen Tarleton: Six years everything went well, now your body is rejecting the face

Because her Ex-husband suspected another man in her life, showered, he, Carmen Tarleton with liquor and verätzte 80 percent of her body. In 2013, the Physicians of the completely disfigured and blind, Tarleton gave a new face. But this pushes your body now.

In 2013, she was the first to show her face again. It was a new face. Of a, for which she fought for six years, had suffered untold pain. Six years ago, Carmen Tarleton’s jealous Ex-husband poured, after he had beaten up with a baseball bat, a corrosive liquor on your body and your face. 80 percent of her body were burned.

Tarleton had to be placed in an artificial coma, in three months, 38 operations endure. When she awoke three months later, she learned that she was now blind. Blind and completely disfigured. But in 2013, everything seemed to finally be well again for the US-American: After a total of about 50 surgical transplantation at the Brigham and Women&apos interventions and a face;..s Hospital, which lasted longer than 15 hours, she showed up at the beginning of may 2013, for the first time to the Public. Her biggest dream, as you said at the time, would now be true to her husband finally kiss. Reuters Marina Righter, the daughter of the organ donor Cheryl Denelli-Righter, and Carmen Blandin Tarleton in her first appearance after face transplant in 2013.

Today, six years later, she fulfilled that wish for a long time, and Tarleton, could not turn after the attack, once in your head, wrote a book, gave Lectures on the topic of resilience, learned to play the piano and the Banjo to play, even two-time grandma. But the most Important thing was that she was finally able to live a largely pain-free.

After six years of Tarleton’s body rejects her face: Now she needs a new

However, in early August of this year, the shock: Tarleton feel such a sharp pain like never before in your life. Your face swells up, bubbles form. The Doctors didn’t notice that the blood circulates in your body, your tissue slowly dies: Tarleton’s body is rejecting the tranplant segmented bodies.

Repeatedly, it came in the six years of rejection, but it got the Doctors again and again in the handle. This Time, however, it is not. Meanwhile, Tarleton is again on the left eye blind, you cannot press your lips together, lost parts of her left nostril, some of your transplanted hairs and eyebrows as well. Carmen Tarleton

For Tarleton, that’s a surprise; you knew that your body would reject the face one day, but she had expected more after ten to twelve years. Now there are two possibilities: a new face transplant or return to your old, disfigured face before the transplant.

For the 51-Year-old is not a serious Option – they will do everything to get a new face and to be able to your current until then, remember: “I very much hope, unless something Bad happens in the between time”, – quotes “CNN” Tarleton. The courage is not lost, however: “I have to look forward, although I had a tough year with many lows through the pain. But, on the Whole, I am healthy.“

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