Angela Merkel announces the rules of conduct of the Coronavirus-crisis

NOTE: THIS POST CONTAINS NO speaker text O-TON German CHANCELLOR ANGELA MERKEL: “Today, Sunday, we find everywhere in Germany: Our cities, our transport, our economic and private lives look completely different than it was even a week ago. The overwhelming majority of people has understood that it is up to each and every. That so many hold to these rules of conduct, which touched me very much. We show care for elderly and sick people, because where would most of the Virus on dangerous. In short: we save lives. Everyone should work to know all levels of government in Germany, the Federal government, the Länder and the municipalities, and a large, living, the major goal is to win time. in the fight against the Virus. First of all, The citizens are encouraged to reduce the contacts to other people outside of the members of the house prior to an absolutely necessary Minimum. Secondly, In the Public, wherever possible, to staff other than the persons referred to at least a minimum of 1.5 metres to comply with, better still, two meters. Third: stay in the public space is only allowed alone with a further, nor Person living in the household, so another Person living in the household, or in the circle of the members of the House. Fourthly: the way to work, to Emergency care, shopping, doctor visits, participation in meetings, required appointments and tests, help for others, individual sports, and exercise in the fresh air, as well as other necessary activities remain, of course, more possible. Fifthly, groups, partying, people in public places, in apartments, as well as private institutions are, in view of the gravity of the situation in our country is unacceptable. Violations of the contact constraint to be monitored by the regulatory authorities and the police, and violators sanctioned. Sixthly, catering establishments are closed. The delivery and pick-up carriage capable of food for consumption at home is exempt. Seventh: service companies in the area of personal care such as hairdressers, beauty salons, Massage clinics, Tattoo Studio, and similar establishments are closed, because they have in this field a physical proximity that is essential for the practice of the profession and did not fit in the guidelines that we have given to us. Medically necessary treatments remain possible. Eighth: In all companies and in particular those with public transport, it is important that hygiene rules are complied with and effective protection measures for employees and visitors to implement. And these measures are expected to have a duration of at least two weeks.”