A young mother with leukemia: a 28-Year-old urgently needs a stem cell donor

Blood cancer is a difficult-to-treat Form of cancer. The chances of survival are low. For those Affected, a single day often determines the course of the disease. In the case of Annika Berger to this day is the 8th. June. A Saturday, to decide about life and death. On this day, a public registry, action on the bone marrow donor center, DKMS will take place in Ulm. Here can be a potential stem cell donor register to save blood cancer patients life.

The reason for the action is sad: The 28-year-old Annika Berger suffers from leukemia. That a stem cell donation is their only chance of Survival, she knows only too well, because she is a Doctor herself. Only five months ago the young woman became a mother. See or hug you must not your five – month-old daughter Louisa, however, because it makes the time a chemotherapy. The greater your desire to be healthy again, so the DKMS last week, reported in a press release.

DKMS searches for stem cell donor for a young mother

All her life, Annika Berger was enthusiastic, therefore, a physically active, baking, and merry woman. Especially climbing and Cycling has taken like. However, the diagnosis has brought to her life and that of your family is out of balance. And yet, the young mother is sure: you want to fight, to defeat the disease. Your friends and family will support you actively. They were also called the registration action to the stem cell donation to life. An action, in the now, potential donors can register to by means of a cotton swab, a buccal swab to submit to the tissue sample.

On the search for a genetic twin

The 28-Year-old can survive only when a person with almost the same tissue characteristics, the donation is also a stem cell ready to explain the DKMS. “It is important that as many people as possible as a potential stem cell donor register. Because only then you can be a life-saver found,” adds Berger’s cousin Kathrin Pfister.

So far, the worldwide search for the genetic twin of the young Doctor, however, is unsuccessful. But the hope remains, for what is for the potential donors, only a small fact, it could be for a leukemia patient to the rescue.

To have the opportunity to register and all further information can be found here: DKMS

Source: “DMKS”