Watch Our Staff Share The Funniest Things Their Moms Have Done

Here at SHE Media, we sure do love a good dad joke. But since we’re all about the badass women in our lives, we love a great #momstory even more. So this Mother’s Day, we asked our staffers to share their wackiest, most embarrassing, totally hilarious real-life stories about their moms. The results were side-splitting… and actually kind of hard to believe?

From college break-ins and imaginary allergies to naked yoga and “snowjobs” one thing is clear: Our moms do not mess around. In fact, these middle-aged ladies prove exactly where so many of us got our smarts, our sense of humor, our resourcefulness, and our IDGAF attitude. And honestly, that kind of stuff beats dad jokes any day, right?

So sit back, break out the popcorn, and try not to choke on it from laughing. Because these are even better than #TextsFromMom — they are #MomStories to remember. (Oh, and they might make you want to block your mom on Twitter. Maybe.)

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