This Mother's Day, Kraft Wants to Give Moms the Ultimate Gift — Free Babysitting

Moms work hard every day, but on Mother’s Day, don’t they deserve a break? Instead of juggling the kids and cleaning up after that elaborate breakfast-in-bed that resulted in an hour of dishes and more than one spill in the hallway, this year Kraft wants to pay for moms to be able to hire a babysitter so they can go out, leave the kids behind, and actually relax. Bottomless mimosas are definitely on the menu this year.

It seems too good to be true, but there aren’t that many catches. You just hire a babysitter for Mother’s Day, then submit your receipt to the Kraft Mother’s Day Away website between May 12 and May 19 and you’ll get reimbursed for your babysitting bill up to $100. Pretty amazing, right?

According to, the average national rate for babysitters is $13.44 an hour, which means that, if Kraft can reimburse you for up to $100, you could potentially be getting a sitter for about 7 hours. That’s long enough to sit through the latest Avengers movie and get a good meal, or to hole up at your best friend’s house so you can finally binge-watch the latest season of Game of Thrones without having to worry your kid will actually catch sight of a White Walker and never sleep again.

The four things to watch out for are that only the first 500 valid entries will be reimbursed, you must be a parent who is 18 or older, it will take 6-8 weeks to get your refund, and you’ll need to use a babysitter that somehow gives out receipts. This might be a good time to try out one of those sitter apps, so you know that you’ll have a clear record of the transaction. Be prepared, get that paper!

This isn’t the first fun news we’ve had out of Kraft this year. We recently learned that Kraft-Heinz was partnering with Pioneer Woman Ree Drummond on a new line of sauces, and the company earlier this year released “ketchup caviar” to celebrate their 150 year anniversary.

All very tasty, but can they beat getting $100 on Mother’s Day for spending the day without the kids? We don’t think so.

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