This Father-in-Law Acted Like a Bigoted Fool in Public & Reddit Says He Has 'Serious Issues'

There’s nothing quite like a little Reddit homophobia to start your day, am I right? *Sigh* One woman joined the “Am I The A—hole” thread to talk about the vacation she recently took with her husband, 4-year-old son, and her father- and mother-in-law.

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The family of five was walking around when they saw a group of talented teens and young adults dancing. This woman’s son loves music and dancing and “practically begged” to watch.

“The song and dance was pretty ‘feminine’ but two of the dancers were male,” OP wrote. ” My husband and I thought nothing of this and neither did my son. But my in-laws were put off. My FIL looked a little disgusted for a lack of better words and he was especially concerned when he noticed my son trying to mimic their dancing.”

Is your blood starting to boil? Well this should cool it for a second. OP’s son was “so hyped up” that the dancers noticed him, engaged with him, and thanked him. “It was a lovely sight,” OP wrote. “Not even going to lie, might’ve been the best part of the vacation. I’ve never seen my kid that happy.”

Don’t you just love those little spontaneous moments that turn into core memories? Well, of course, this is the AITA thread, and that memory is about to spoil.

  • Bigoted Tirade

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    After the family left the dance party, they went to a restaurant for dinner, and OP’s FIL went off.

    “[He] started ranting about the ‘gay bullsh*t he had to witness.’ My husband told him to relax and not swear in front of our son but FIL was pissed. Said that we’re being brainwashed and allowing our child to turn into one of them.”

    OH NO HE DID NOT! Is this a joke? Please tell us this is a joke because we are absolutely fuming. Gay bullsh*t? One of them? It’s too bad Grandpa is turning into one of them homophobic bigots. Although he’s probably been that way all along.

    OP rolled her eyes (she’s clearly more composed than we are!) and said, “Boys that dance…how scary.” FIL then did the whole “that’s not what I mean” song and dance. Well…not dance…that would be some “gay bullsh*t.”

    “My bad,” OP said. “Boys that dance with glitter on… even scarier… I’m traumatized”

    She then asked her son if he was traumatized. The 4-year-old (who “obviously didn’t understand the question”) just giggled and FIL stormed off saying he refuses to be treated like a fool in public.” OP’s husband said his dad had it coming while the MIL told OP she “ruined” the trip and should have “kept her big mouth shut.”

    “My FIL was pissed at me the whole [trip] and even ranted to a poor waiter the next night about how he gets treated like dirt by his son and DIL for simply voicing his concerns. He’s also insisting that we should’ve had a mature conversation instead of me mocking him and ‘involving’ my son.”

    So, OP asked Reddit, is she the a—hole?

  • The F Word

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    Fool. This FIL is so caught up in being a “fool” that he hasn’t realized he could be called things much worse than that. A homophobe. A bigot. Or, as Reddit has unanimously agreed, an a—hole. One commenter got straight to the point saying, “If you don’t wanna be treated like a fool, don’t act like a fool.” Period.

    And give us a break with this maturity bs. “Who is he fooling?” one person wrote. “He would not have listened to [a mature conversation] and he knows he is wrong.”

    Exactly, we find it hard to believe any amount of “maturity” would have stopped this FIL from leaving the table. And Redditors want him to know that if he wanted a “mature conversation,” he shouldn’t have led with “dancing is gay.”

  • In Front Of The Kid?

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    Of all the times and places to be an a—hole, why is the FIL choosing to be one when his grandson has a front-row seat?

    “He involved her son by starting a homophobic, swearing rant in front of the child, about something the child was doing and enjoying,” one Redditor wrote. “If he doesn’t want to be told to shut up in front of the kid, he needs to not start sh*t in front of the kid. If the kid’s presence isn’t enough for him to pipe down then he clearly doesn’t care that much about it.”

    If this incident does not deter this FIL from bigoted comments in the future, Reddit wants this mom to keep challenging him.

    “He has some serious issues and you need to be a role model for your son on dealing with that sort of behavior,” one person said.

  • Fear Not!

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    If you were worried this outburst would stop this toddler from enjoying dance, you’re wrong! Mama isn’t going to let that happen. One Redditor told OP to continue to encourage his dancing and wondered if she had considered signing him up for ballet classes.

    “I have actually!” OP replied. “Half the reason he loves dancing so much is because my sister is a ballet dancer! And my mom was one too. Sort of runs in the family haha. But we’re essentially planning on having him join before his next birthday.”

    Hey OP, please update your post with pics from his recital! 

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