Your Best Fashion Color Palette If You’re A Libra

Each of us has our tried-and-true color palettes, shades that make up most of our closet without even realizing it. Some of us love the fashion-forward sleekness of all-black looks, or the beachy, tan-flattering powers of stark white, Some love sea-blues like cerulean, turquoise, and cornflower. No matter your fashion palette vibe, it probably makes you feel like your best self: extra-powerful, confident, and ready to take on the world. But what if you tried a zodiac-approved fashion color palette for a change?

Basing your best colors on your zodiac sign can make for earth-shaking results, and will get you vibrating with all the best energies. Per Indastro, “vedic astrology believes that every zodiac sign has its own power color,” imbuing you with “positive vibes, luck, and fortune.” Based on your sign’s planet, your assigned color can affect your “temperament, emotions, feelings, and sentiments,” giving you an extra pep in your step each morning you leave the house. According to Now Let’s Get Going, your astrological colors might bring you much-needed “inner peace and outer fierceness” (hallelujah!), while the wrong colors might inhibit you or throw off your center.

Libras are air signs that are obsessed with balance, harmony, symmetry … and beautiful things (via Allure). The best colors for Libra are dictated by their assigned planet Venus, which governs “love, beauty, and money,” and prizes artistry and creativity. Libras’ color theory is absolutely stunning for a reason –-  here’s everything you should know about this sign’s best fashion palette.

White symbolizes Libras' purity and adaptability

First off, we have Libra’s top power hue: white. The color of fresh snow, clouds, and the cleanest of slates, white represents new beginnings, which Libras notoriously love. According to Indastro, pure white is the color of the Libra-ruling planet Venus, meaning balance signs will find peace and serenity in this color. “White has the most powerful of all vibrations, and is the color that is related to the highest level and most powerful of all spiritual experiences,” so prepare for feeling extra-intuitive and downright magical the next time you wear an all-white outfit. Don’t say we didn’t warn you!

Since Libras are air signs, they’ll feel right at home in white’s purity and subtlety, while their talent “at launching new initiatives” (via Allure) means they’ll love white’s symbolism for a fresh start. This sign is known to be changeable and fluid, turning toward ambivalence and sometimes struggling “with indecision,” so easily mixable white represents Libras well. White is known to bring “luck” to this sign (via Business Insider), so consider wearing the shade for that next meeting or extra-exciting first date.

Balance signs are known romantics, poets, and artists, going around the world in search of beauty. Try out an intricate white-lace top with a ruffled sleeve, or a gorgeous cream handbag you can wear everyday. Since clear or light-colored stones like diamonds and opals are also represented by the planet Venus, Libras can choose to go for gems that represent their best shade, too.

Pink, because Libras see life with rose-colored glasses

If you’re a Libra, you probably already know the cold, hard, rose-tinted truth: this sign is all about “charm,” likeability, aesthetics, and being “prone to fantasy” (via Co-Star). In short, the sheer representation of the color pink. You’re probably already naturally attracted to rosy shades like fuchsia, ballet slipper, and bubblegum, which pay homage to everything Libra’s ruling planet Venus stands for. Bringing to mind love, beauty, pleasure, and luxury, pink is a color that should be in every Libra’s closet, at least when wanting to channel their razor-sharp intuition and notorious flirt factor.

According to Colors Explained, “serene, pale shades of pink add just the right amount of beauty, softness, and femininity to your star sign,” and evokes “your sweet and charming nature.” Allure describes Libras as enchanting and alluring around others, while Astrology Zodiac Signs deems them the diplomats of the zodiac who simply search for harmony and peace whenever possible. Pink will reflect your inner softness, while bringing positivity everywhere you go.

As per Verywell Mind, pink is associated with passion and kindness, while also being relaxing. The soft shade brings to mind creativity and artistry — Libra qualities if we ever heard them! Wear one of your sign’s best colors in the form of a rose quartz necklace, which is known as “the stone of unconditional love” (via Healthline). When in doubt, a pair of pink heels or a rosy velvet ribbon are also perfect accessories for you -– and conversation starters to boot.

Try tan or brown for earthly flair and on-brand fluidity

As Now Let’s Get Going explains, while Libras love the luxe life and are known to prize expensive, gorgeous things, they’re never “gaudy or extra.” Sure, they “adore high art” and “need to surround themselves with stunning objects” (via Allure), but their tastes are usually just a bit bohemian, mixing different styles in an eclectic, beautiful way. This sign can be confusing for that same reason. “They’re simultaneously extroverted and introverted, strategic and spontaneous, focused and intuitive” (via Co-Star), loving the high-life and yet most at-home with a partner in their pajamas, confident yet permeable. With “an entire constellation of personalities,” Libras need a neutral outfit to be mirrors to the world around them. That’s where balance sign-approved tan and beige come in.

We know Libras are always looking for peace and harmony, so naturally, a tan outfit is spot-on for this sign. “Their ideal colors match their harmonious and balanced aesthetic,” so light brown and beige will bring “good vibes” (via Now Let’s Get Going). Keeping it simple is best for this sign, and earthy brown “symbolizes the outdoors that Libras love so much,” boosting serenity (via Your Tango).

Try wearing a tan or brown knit sweater for calming coziness, or invest in a pair of neutral booties for fall and winter. A go-to brown bag is Libra-approved chic, especially a large satchel for all your scribbled notebooks. If not, try a head-to-toe loungewear set in a cappuccino shade for your best W.F.H. outfit.

Black, for Libras' deeply artistic qualities

From neutrals to rosy pinks, you might think Libras can only vibe with airy colors that complement their butterfly-like floating through dinner parties. Well, surprisingly enough, this sign has a dark side -– not exactly Darth Vader dark, but Libras have stronger personalities than they first let on. Per Co-Star, although Libras are “obsessed with embodying the idea of goodness,” they “have strong opinions about other people,” and can get overly emotional when thinking about their fantasies versus real life. There’s a whole lot going on beneath the surface, meaning they aren’t just pretty Barbie-pink. Nope. A Libra needs a good dose of black in their wardrobe, too.

Now Let’s Get Going sees black as “completely on brand for most Libras,” especially if “looking to keep it classic.” A neutral in its own right, black can be seen as a reserved color, but fits perfectly with Libras’ balanced and “sophisticated” nature (via Your Tango). With fellow celeb Libras like Gwyneth Paltrow and Kim Kardashian, there’s no doubt this sign places importance on their outer shell, especially through clothing. With black being the unofficial chosen shade of street style fashionistas, it’s no wonder this color is perfect for creative, aesthetically obsessed Libras.

This sign is also known to be quite deep, whether they channel it through poetry or 3am text messages to their ex (we said what we said). An all-black outfit will put on just the right amount of theatrics, as will a great pair of studded combat boots.

And the biggest no: anything bright or neon

Now that we know all of Libras’ best shades for optimal energy-vibing, it’s time to talk about this sign’s worst possible colors. These hues will clash with a Libra’s sensitive nature, clanging with their largely diplomatic, serene, gracious personality. The perpetrator in question? None other than anything neon. Now Let’s Get Going explains: “if there’s one thing that will throw the Libra chi off it’s mixing and matching to many bold colors,” particularly neons like lime green and traffic-cone orange. Sure, fun color-blocking is in right now, mixing hot pink crop tops with the brightest grape purple skirts, but is it a Libra thing? Not exactly.

Slightly-boho, artsy, sometimes-shy Libras feel at-home in neutrals for a reason, which let them blend into their surroundings when they want it that way. On the other hand, when Libras want to turn on the charm, a white or beige outfit will let their face do the talking –- no Libra likes their outfit to wear them. Neons overwhelm a sensitive balance sign and “upsets the balance” they love so much. Now Let’s Get Going advises sticking to no more than two colors at once, and Your Tango agrees: “Libra should avoid such loud colors as they continue to search for peace.”

It’s a good idea to avoid orange and red, which can bring about conflict, as well as loud purple shades (via Your Tango). While a pop of these colors is fine, neutrals are best for delicate, thoughtful Libras.

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