This Brilliant Vacuum Invention Guarantees You'll Never Step on LEGOs Again

Calling all parents. There’s a new invention that — if it ever actually hit store shelves — would make sure you never, ever step on your kid’s LEGOs again. You (and your feet) will be eternally grateful. Somebody make this a buyable reality ASAP, please.

Meet the LEGO vacuum. It was created by product designer Matty Benedetto, who has a YouTube channel called Unnecessary Inventions where he creates fake consumer products using “diverse production methods from 3D printing, sewing, mold making, wood working, laser cutter, and whatever else he can get his hands on.”

His latest mission? Solve an issue that parents around the world deal with everyday. “I think we can all agree that stepping on a LEGO is one of the most unnecessarily painful things in the entire world,” Benedetto said, holding up a tiny brick. “Like, how can this thing be so small yet so painful?”

Benedetto’s vacuum not only sucks up LEGOs but it also sorts them in an orderly fashion. “This vibrant cleaning accessory features a multi-stage chamber that magnetically separates for quick organization of your favorite toy bricks,” he explained in his YouTube video. “The high suction vacuum will ensure that every brick gets sucked up from your floors and swiftly deposited into the clear tube as each LEGO piece cascades down and gets sorted into their different sizes. So when things get messy, just suck it.”

Sounds like a familiar invention? That’s because it is. Benedetto based the idea on an episode of The Office, where David Wallace (Andy Buckley) walks Michael Scott (Steve Carell) through his idea for Suck It, a vacuum that cleans up toys.

The hilarious scene sparked something for Benedetto. “That got me thinking about my LEGO invention,” he explained. “You see, I’ve seen a few different creators create lego sorters before but they were all done by hand … I want to combine David Wallace’s invention idea with those LEGO sorters to create the LEGO Suck It.”

And it actually works. Benedetto showed off the finished product at the end of the video, successfully vacuuming up a whole bunch of bricks and neatly organizing them by size. David Wallace — and parents everywhere — would be so proud.

Benedetto might call this an “unnecessary invention,” but we call it brilliant.


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