New Ecumenical clinic wants to make abortions

In the message of the Catholic order of Malta hospital and the Protestant Deaconess hospital, it sounds so nice: they wanted To reach the “Optimal for the patients in Flensburg and the Region: A modern and attractive hospital which allows for the best possible treatment and care and on the experience and on the Tradition of the two denominational free non-profit carrier may also, in the future, trust.”

However, the new combined hospital will create at least a gap in the supply. No part of this best possible treatment to pregnancy terminations, such as the NDR reported. This should only be in emergencies, such as when lives are in danger, possible. For the Catholic it was “non-negotiable”.

In Germany, finished in the year 2018, nearly 101.000 women a pregnancy.

Politicians from the SPD and the SSW (South Schleswig Association of voters Association) to criticize the decision. Online has a launched a petition for the receipt of inpatient care offer for the termination of pregnancy.

The Evangelical Deaconess hospital shall, on request, that in the year 2018 only “20 of the interventions on an outpatient basis” in the clinic were made. This corresponds to around ten percent of the Region’s expected intervention.

“Position of the Catholic carrier accepted”

In the case of the merger talks for the planned joint hospital, the topic of abortion was discussed intensively. You voted for “the absence of this intervention, and the Position of the Catholic carrier for the protection of individual life from the beginning to the end of accepted.” This decision was taken due to the overall low number of this clinic performed abortions. The established gynecologist could provide for the women “quantitatively sufficient and professionally at the highest level”.

The SPD parliamentary Deputy Birte Pauls want to ask in the next meeting of the social Committee in Kiel, the Federal state government (CDU, FDP, Green party), since when you knew from the decision of the clinics, after the merger, no abortions and more to make – and how you is to. She says: “You can’t put religious beliefs on patients’ well-being.” The right to self-determination of women should be respected, even in medical care, said in a statement of Paul’s and the SPD-deputies, Heiner Dunckel.

The Background of the clinic merger: The two Bay hospitals are in need of modernisation. 2017 was announced by the country to invest in the coming years, almost EUR 200 million in renovations and new construction. Instead of the extensive renovation they finally decided, both of the clinics in a new building to merge. The new hospital is expected to be in 2026 has been completed. As the Ecumenical house, a Lutheran and a Catholic-makers that are involved in 50 per cent, it is in Germany, according to the information of both operators are unique.