Love has nothing to do with the number of chromosomes to

Lately, I often think about how my life as a mother would be, if it is a dozen years ago, a normal Insurance would have been to let the Unborn by means of a simple blood test to particular disabilities to examine. I would probably have assumed that anything that takes over the health insurance, is good and important for my Baby.

And then I would get the message that my child with down syndrome that it will be disabled. I would have been in shock, had asked me whether I could love this child, and would not be able to imagine as a cute Baby. We’ve been called probably the the earliest possible date for a crash. My husband and I had to abort cried many tears, and perhaps the Unimaginable done: The child that we had hoped for, out of sheer fear and insecurity.

Our Baby screening?

Because one must be Clear: it is Not the blood test to prevent the birth of a disabled child, but only the decision of the parents-to-be for a termination of pregnancy.

Lucky us, this is not going to happen. Rather, my wife’s doctor said at the time, I had to pay the measurement of the neck fold transparency itself, because it is only for women 35 Cash. On my demand, for which the measurement was good, I learned that you could calculate the probability of having a child with trisomy 21. When I asked what that was, in turn, well, son-in-law of the doctor. I had to rhyme itself, which is the automatism stand for him behind it.

My husband and I could not imagine a life with a disabled child. Still less are we able to imagine this Baby – we were so – not to sort out, because it corresponded to the General genetic Norm. We tested anything and decided to us unconditionally for our child.

So our son, Willi, was born with down syndrome.

Thousands of questions without answers

What if I had an abortion? Where would I be able to with my grief go? I would have to endure the proximity of my husband, would have approved this step? In how many nights my child I’d met in a dream? Would we ever get a second child? And if Yes, what would we have our daughter one day, answers to the question of whether we would have killed you too, if you had a disability?

Or I would have managed to repress the abortion, and told me my child would have had a life no worth living? And what, if I was then met with a small Willi on the Playground? I would have to see that he is perhaps the only child, what can still rock, but what is happy of all most of all.

I would hear him laugh out loud, over and over again. A Laugh that will infect you, a happiness that does not radiate so much that even the people around, than to feel good. Except for me, of course. I would have taken my child and walked home – even before the little Willi had to get due to a short Swing, a gigantic tantrum.

Our life is quite normal, but extreme

I would have my doctor get sued, that he told me was how life without my disabled child would be?

How is my life today? Different than I had imagined, but it feels right and belongs to me as my children – the sweet were both the most babies in the world! Ultimately, our life is quite normal, just kind of extreme, and thus likely to be more strenuous.

It was my dearest wish, my second child may be normal and healthy on the world. But I knew that there is no guarantee, and also Olivia, we have taken as it came.

When I think of how often I was asked if we “had it” as tested this time, I don’t want to know how high the pressure today – ten years later – pregnant women. You have to fight soon for your right not to know?

The Information is right or obligatory?

I have already heard so often as an Argument for the blood test, that parents have a right to Information that he appears to me to be soon as a duty. What if we are not able to deal with this kind of information? In India it is illegal to determine the sex of the child before birth, because tons of girls have been aborted. The experience in Denmark – where the show examined for a number of years Unborn as Fund performance for trisomy 21 – that 98 percent of the diagnosed children are not born.

As being a success.

How does all the signing of the UN disability rights Convention and the eternally beautiful words about inclusion and diversity? Of course, I’m not in favour of banning the Test. But to put him for all women as a matter of course in the lap, would be a conscious decision against people with down syndrome in our society. It would mean that you are undesirable and to be avoided people.

A mother told in the Video: “You are not close to us, to get the child”

We can learn from them a lot. You just have to ask ten times the “normal people”, whether you feel beautiful or happy, and then ten people with down syndrome! The Absurd is that those who have developed a blood test that will offer him, and probably those who take it, have probably never met ten people with down’s syndrome.

Love has nothing to do with the number of chromosomes to

By the way, only four percent of disabilities are genetically related, all the others are under birth or acquired later in life. The decision to select by default at the expense of the funds small Willis, will be the same for all people with disabilities and our entire society a Signal. It makes me sad.

Luckily, I have my children. When Willi comes from the school, he will nuzzle his soft cheek to mine, and me of every pain in the world to comfort. Or will he March to his room, to dance to listen to loud music, and marbles. And Olivia will joyfully be willing to Tinker with me about the beginning of the end of puberty your big brother to comfort – except, of course, you have to bother with the wretched homework.

So life is not that you can’t choose everything – not homework, and children. And that is a good thing. Because love has nothing to do with the number of chromosomes or the school.