Body language expert reveals the truth about Ivanka Trump and Donald Trump’s relationship

Donald and Ivanka Trump are a very close daddy-daughter duo. Some people think the POTUS’ oldest daughter seems to be more of a first lady than her stepmom, Melania, which might perhaps explain some of the rumored tension between the two women. Before her dad was elected, Ivanka not only marketed her own lifestyle brand and wrote bestselling books, but also played an important role in running the Trump Organization. In January of 2017, she and her hubby Jared Kushner both followed Trump to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue to take on roles as a senior presidential advisors.

While it’s obvious that Ivanka has always been her pop’s biggest fan, we were curious to find out more about their relationship. Body language expert Dr. Renée Carr, a psychologist who serves as a political and corporate advisor, analyzed several videos of Ivanka to look for some subtle clues as to her true feelings about her famous father.

Once Trump took office, Ivanka changed how she spoke of him

Carr points to a Time Magazine video of Donald and Ivanka Trump together at the 2016 RNC. Ivanka, at the time, “repeatedly refers to Candidate Trump as ‘my father.'” She notes that this is not an unexpected form of address, but that “the high frequency in which she states this fact that is a tell-tale sign that she leverages her father’s name, positions, authority, or fame to open doors for her and possibly to control the actions of others.”

A CNN Politics video of Ivanka’s speech at the 2020 RNC shows something quite different. This time around, Ivanka, as she has done since Trump moved into the oval office, “repeated[ly] refers to him more as ‘The President’ rather than ‘my father’ or ‘my children’s grandfather’ even when referring to her father as ‘grandfather’ would have more sentimental [value].” Carr interprets this as further evidence that Ivanka “leverages her father’s position to assert her own power and to gain advantages.” It’s worth noting at one point, she does refer to him as “grandpa.”

Ivanka will defend her dad to the death, and also use him to get what she wants

Another clip Carr analyzed shows an ABC News video where Ivanka defended her father’s comments by saying he “speaks from the heart.” Carr’s takeaway from this footage is that “Ivanka is highly biased toward her father’s actions and often excuses them,” and that “she is more likely to blame others for her father’s comments or actions rather than say anything negative against her father.” Carr also noted how Ivanka seems “offended when others insult her father,” noting the fact that she “close[s] her eyes as a subconscious act of not wanting to see anything less than perfect about her dad.”

One final observation that Carr provided on Ivanka’s feelings is evidenced in a Time Magazine video — this one dating from 2017. It revealed that when Ivanka “really wants something, she will call him ‘daddy’ rather than her usual ‘dad’ during their first-person conversations.” Carr explains this dynamic by saying that while “Ivanka is aware of the love and fondness her father has for her, she is also an intelligent and ambitious young woman. As such, she knows how to get what she wants from her father; and Trump is pleased to knowingly oblige her.”

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