The truth about the MyPillow pillow

Not all pillows are created equal. Take, for example, the MyPillow pillow which, according to the guarantee on its website, is the most comfortable pillow out there. If you’ve ever stayed up late at night flipping through TV channels, there’s a good chance you’ve run across a MyPillow informercial or three. You may have even picked up the phone to order one, in which case you can decide for yourself if MyPillow is everything it’s hyped up to be. If you’ve never tried out a MyPillow, though, you’re probably curious about the product.

Is the MyPillow pillow really that great? As MyPillow inventor and CEO Mike Lindell wrote on the product’s website, he created the MyPillow because he was in search of a truly comfortable pillow that wouldn’t go flat. “I would wake up in the morning with a sore arm, my neck would hurt, my fingers would be numb, I would toss and turn all night not knowing why,” he said.

Not everyone is impressed with the MyPillow pillow

While MyPillow is marketed as the perfect pillow and makes steady sales, not everyone is impressed with it. MyPillow’s ratings aren’t quite what you’d expect from “the most comfortable pillow you’ll ever own.” Amazon users have given it 3.5 stars out of five, while only one-third of Consumer Reports staffers who owned a MyPillow said they would buy one again.

MyPillow has also come under fire for claiming that the MyPillow can cure users of a range of illnesses. According to Truth In Advertising, MyPillow was once touted as being able to cure insomnia, sleep apnea, and restless leg syndrome, while customer testimonials preached MyPillow’s ability to treat even more conditions including anxiety, menopause, cerebral palsy, and PTSD. In 2016, the MyPillow company agreed to stop marketing the product’s unsubstantiated health benefits, and was also made to pay more than $1 million in penalties.

While there may very well be people who find that MyPillow is the most comfortable pillow they’ve ever slept on, this seems to largely be a matter of preference. At the end of the day, MyPillow appears to be just another pillow.

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