Diet: that’s Why Cheat Days are bad for your diet

Many athletes and those wanting to lose weight swear by the so-called Cheat Day. Six days per week, the focus is on the healthy and low-calorie diet, and the diet is adhered to strictly. In a day must be cut out: Pasta, French fries, ice cream and co. are allowed.

Many take advantage of the culinary Sündentag as a small reward, to get the Motivation when your diet to maintain. However, some nutrition experts warn of the effects of Cheat Days. You should not be the only health is questionable, but also the removal significantly more difficult.

Cheat Day: how useful he really is

Star trainer Autum Calabrese, Creator of 21 Day Fix Workout program, you do not think much of the 80-20 rule. That you eat 80 percent clean, 20 percent to “cheat”. Many of these 20 per cent to a day – often a large amount of calories together comes to a Cheat Day then.

In an interview with “popsugar” said Calabrese: “I know many speak of the 80-20 rule, but I think if you really want to lose weight, you should rather have the 90-percent rule vefolgen.” This means that Once a week you must treat yourself to one unhealthy meal a “Cheat Meal”. The expert, according to the continuity for the weight loss success is important.

Experts do not recommend the Cheat Day

Julia Meyer, Personal trainer at ELEMENTS fitness Studio in Munich, which looks similar. “The Problem with the Cheat Day is that many overdo it. The insulin level is a day long-fully at the stop and it takes quite a while, until we have consumed this energy,” said Meyer to “Instyle”. Although you also know people who have removed with Cheat Days – when most of their customers is not functioning, but.

The trainer therefore advises: “I would always try to use as little as possible, unhealthy meals. Perhaps it works also without it suddenly: Okay, I can feed me just also completely healthy!”

Of course you have to during a diet is not completely on Fast Food, candy and co. continue to do, and overdo it you should not do it with Cheat Meals. In the end, everyone must find out for themselves what is good for and how to achieve his desire weight best.

Julia Are

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