This Trainer Used a Weeklong Jump Rope Workout to Bring Back His Six-Pack

You might expect trainers to look absolutely ripped every single day, but that isn’t the case; everybody‘s weight fluctuates a little. When Brandon Epstein of YouTube’s Jump Rope Dudes realized he’d gained some body fat, he decided to challenge himself to get back to visible abs in the span of a week, by making some changes to his diet and working out for just half an hour each day.

“The number one thing that’s going to be important in me getting those abs back out again is my nutrition,” he says. For his week-long challenge he switches to a diet that’s high in protein, relatively high in fat, and slightly lower in carbohydrates; so lots of eggs, fish, nuts, and green vegetables. Weighing in at 192 pounds at the start of the challenge, he explains that he is eating at a 500 calorie deficit for the week, to help reduce body fat.

On day one, Brandon starts with a 30 minute high intensity jump rope workout, consisting of one minute intervals on a half pound cross rope and a 1 pound cross rope, with 15 seconds of rest in between. He does this a total of eight times each, rests for one minute, then repeats for three more sets of each.

On day two he mixes it up with 10 pullups, 1 minute on the half pound rope, 30 pushups, another minute on the rope, and 1 minute of rest, then repeats the set six times.

At the middle of the week, Brandon is up to 1 minute of 30 pullups, 30 seconds of jump rope, 1 minute of 30 pushups, and 30 seconds of jump rope, which he repeats for 30 minutes. By day 6, he’s doing a high intensity jump rope workout consisting of sets of one minute alternating between the half pound and one pound cross ropes.

At the end of the 7 days of 30 minute ab workouts, he’s cut his weight down to 184 pounds, with visibly shredded six-pack abs. “Everyone’s weight fluctuates,” he says. “I gained maybe five pounds of body fat, but in just seven days I was able to remove that and get back to visible abs.”

He acknowledges that this might not be the case for everybody, but advises that staying consistent with the process will help you reach your goal and sustain the results. He also urges people “don’t feel down if you gain some weight…”You should not be comparing your process to me or to anyone else.”

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