This Plus-Size Influencer's Stunning Bikini Post Is the Body Positivity Inspiration You Need

ASOS once again proved that they’re on the right side of the body positivity movement—and unsurprisingly, the internet is loving it. 

On March 29, ASOS regrammed a photo from plus-size influencer Callie Thorpe’s Instagram account that showed Thorpe and fellow influencer Chastity Garner Valentine posing in matching green and white two-piece swimsuits next to a pool. The clothing line captioned the photo, “First stop: the holiday outfit wall” and tagged both bikini-clad babes and photographer Julianny Casado. 

In typical internet fashion, though, some comments on the post were less than kind. ASOS has since deleted a majority of the blowback, and supportive commenters were quick to call out the trolls for their hateful remarks. 

“Do people realize that overweight people still need clothes to wear?! Just because you don’t like the way they look doesn’t meant they cease to exist,” one commenter wrote. 

“I’m glad that they found the confidence, even though they get nasty comments. This isn’t about promoting an ‘unhealthy’ lifestyle. It’s about promoting body confidence and body acceptance,” wrote another. 

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Thorpe’s husband, Daniel Hetherington, also expressed his opinion about the criticism.

“It’s disappointing to see such nasty comments on such a beautiful picture. The woman on the right is my wife and it annoys and upsets me that people can be so mean to others,” Hetherington wrote in a caption. “She is the most kind hearted, caring and loving person I know and someone’s size should never be a topic of conversation.”

As for Thorpe? She’s focusing on all the appreciative comments she’s received on her photo. Thorpe responded to dozens of commenters under her Instagram photo, thanking them for their support.

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