The Requests NZ’s Bachelor Made That Have Us Falling Hard

You have to wonder if The Bachelor is still relevant. While an individual’s quest for love seems a universal journey few people would refuse to watch when played out on the screen, the fact that a show that continues to pit women against one another in a bid for free-to-air TV ratings still exists in 2021 seems baffling. For all the progress women have made in recent years, The Bachelor seems almost archaic in both its aesthetic and format. And as if that wasn’t enough, there’s also the issue of diversity as Australia has had to watch year in and year out as a largely all-white cast make their bid for love. 

That’s why news that the newest bachelor from New Zealand requested a better representation of NZ women for the show has tugged rather hard on the heartstrings. It shouldn’t be something that makes us all swoon, it should simply be expected. But in a franchise that has been anything but a diverse portrayal of women, the demands are groundbreaking.

30-year-old Moses Mackay said he would only sign on for The Bachelor if the casting was more diverse and filled with “ladies that best represent New Zealand.” In a recent interview with 1News in New Zealand, Moses said a more diverse cast was what would get him over the line as the suitor set to sling roses at a new crop of eligible singles. 

“The first thing I said to [the producers], I said, ‘the only reason why I would actually consider doing it is if you would be interested in making it a diverse cast, and so I would love to see a multi-sized, multicultural [group],” explains Moses.

“I said, ‘I would love to see ladies that best represent New Zealand and not just look the same, same, same as possibly other seasons have been. I said, ‘if you’re willing to go through that route and try and change those stereotypes…now I’m interested, now I’m listening.”

And it certainly seems the New Zealand producers listened as images released from the show reveal a more diverse cast of single women than we’ve ever seen on a season of The Bachelor. Yes, we stan this new bachie. 

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