Pharmacy: on site and close to the people

With all the uncertainty about the future that prevails nowadays in the increasingly complex health care system, the pharmacist as a support pillar for the patients. "Pharmacists will be needed, and we will gefragt", Friedemann Schmidt, President of the ABDA &ndash said; Federal Union of German associations of Pharmacists, at the opening of the German pharmacist’s day, 2019 in Düsseldorf.

In the last few decades, there were, according to Schmidt, brilliant advances in medicine and health care. The life expectancy of people increases continuously. However, diseases come with age, in which people might need help. Pharmacist be in this Situation for you. Schmidt called the four characteristics that the pharmacist distinguish and to replace it in spite of the increasing digitalisation in the healthcare sector with professionalism, empathy, social Perception and creativity. "Machines do not bring up this properties, and this will remain the case in the distant future." All serious scientists are agreed, as Schmidt.

He cites a concrete example, in the case of the pharmacist in the daily business are increasingly required to provide patients with the best care possible: the increasingly frequent supply shortages of medicines. "We have in the last few months, in thousands of cases, bottlenecks in the pharmacies of delivery, managed and last summer, the Valsartan-crisis would be solved." The pharmacies have shown once again how important it is to supply on-the-spot to resolve individual drug problems of the patients. "We are also the ranitidine-crisis managen", he adds, with a view to the recent news of contaminated stomach products containing this active substance ( reported.

Professionalism and humanity would help keep the drug supply in spite of the difficulties on the Run. "Because we want to and because we can. This is our Profession", the pharmacist explained. "We are listening in on this and give a reply if it arrives exactly on it. We hospitalized the patient in an almost by the economist and by the bureaucratic System, giving the feeling to be welcome." Pharmacist you can see this not only as customers but take them seriously as people. For this reason, he is convinced that a "a devastating development, such as the opioid crisis in the United States and the personal dramas and the people associated economic losses in Germany is not possible sind".

He called on his colleagues to take advantage of the inevitable changes in our society in a positive. "We are on the way in a world in which individuality, regionality and sustainability are Central criteria for the selection of most consumers." Prior to this, pharmacies would need to have no fear: "We are local, we are organic." The supply model of the pharmacy was also, in the future, a portable model.


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