Melitta manufactures millions of Corona-protection masks in the filter bags Form

For a mask of their own to plunder the best the cleaning Arsenal. To conclude engineers in the aviation and aerospace engineering from the Bundeswehr University of Munich, after you have studied the effectiveness of makeshift masks and various materials.

"The experimental results show that the vacuum cleaner bag with a fine dust filter haben&quot very good filter properties;…, said the University in Neubiberg, near Munich. Masks could be made from it easily, the production takes with a little Practice, five minutes. Material cost per mask: around 50 cents.

For your Experiment in a flow channel of the experts used including "hochwertige" Vacuum cleaner bag, the filter according to the manufacturer, 99.9 percent of the particulates up to 0.3 micro meter out as you write. However, they have not made any Experiments on human beings, and also not checked whether it was breathing in potentially harmful substances from the mask itself. "The masks have been examined by any governmental authority and, therefore, it is not zertifiziert&quot of course;, you can emphasize.

Melitta manufactures millions of Corona-protection masks in the filter bags Form

However, the coffee filter manufacturer Melitta is now producing millions of medical masks in the Form of its filter bags. In the Corona-crisis Melitta have converted parts of its filter bags production in the Westphalian town of Minden, accordingly, reported in Bielefeld coming "Westphalia-Blatt" on Friday. Instead of the brown filter paper made of a three-ply white special non-woven produced masks fulfilled the European Standard for surgical masks with a bacteria filtration efficiency of more than 98 percent.

In the first week of production before Easter, around a Million masks had been produced. Except in Germany, Melitta aims to restore, therefore, also have plants in the USA and Brazil, respiratory masks for North – and South America. In addition, it is planned to develop also masks the particularly high Standards, FFP2 and FFP3.

Mouth-nose protectors provide no effective protection

Multi-layer fabrics, thick fleece, coffee filters, toilet paper with several layers of paper towels and micro-fiber cloths are not protected under standard similar conditions of the test of the infection. Also, the mouth-nose protection that will about used in doctor’s offices or clinics, offer no effective protection against the typical droplet sizes, as they occur when you Breathe, Speak and cough. "Therefore, it is not strongly to trust in the protection of these masks, if one is not infected." Prior to infection, especially, a sufficiently large distance, or a particle-filtering contactors mask end protection.

The researchers had examined on the basis of the flow experiments, also, whether the mentioned safety distance between persons from the fluid mechanical point of view, are meaningful – which was confirmed, in Essence: A safety distance of 1.5 metres of, a drop of infection by Breathing, Speaking, and to protect unique shock cough. In the case of long-lasting cough, the safety distance should be at least 3 meters. Who is not sure if he was infected, it should wear in Public, Mouth guard.

Vacuum cleaner bag manufacturer to ensure against mask use

The manufacturer of vacuum cleaner bags of the brand’s Swirl, the Melitta Group had contacted before use of the Materials for masks. The fit of the self-made protective masks is not necessarily ideal, and the optimal protection is therefore not guaranteed. "The poorer fit could in addition werden&quot by the typically less elastic vacuum bag favours;, the manufacturer writes. In addition, you feel these masks may be safer and go easy to keep the paver with the other recommendations, such as Distance and hands to wash. Bag of Micropormaterialien-PLUS-quality could filter out fine dust of up to 0.3 microns. Corona viruses are, however, smaller. It remained unclear whether it is sufficient for the droplets, in which the viruses are filtered out.


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