Meet Russet! He Needs Your Help Finding a Loving Home


Every now and then an animal needs a little extra help finding the right home. This week, our Adoption Spotlight is on Russet and Ruffles, two ASPCA Behavioral Rehabilitation Center graduates who are now looking for loving families in the Asheville, North Carolina, area. You can read all about our boy Russet below to see if you could be the right fit!

We first met Russet in August 2018, when he was transported to the ASPCA Behavioral Rehabilitation Center (BRC). At the time, the young dog was extremely fearful. He didn’t trust interactions with humans, and his reactions indicated that he’d had little experiences in the real world.

Simple things that you’d imagine come easily to most dogs, such as walking on a leash, or playing with a human, were hard for Russet and he was easily frightened. But while he was at the BRC, Russet made a lot of progress! He learned some basic commands such as “come here,” and “let’s go,” and he’s slowly learned to open up to human friends. But Russet really shines when he’s in the company of his best dog friends.


Since graduating from the BRC, Russet has moved to Brother Wolf Animal Rescue, where he’s become BFFs with another adoptable dog named Zurich. He also loves interacting with social dogs, especially on hikes with Brother Wolf’s Outward Hounds Hiking Club, where he gets to really stretch his legs and enjoy the great outdoors.

His favorite activities include playtime sessions with his dog friends and long walks and hikes. He still needs time when it comes to meeting new friends, but Russet is becoming more confident every day. He’d love to find a family who could help him as he continues to find his confidence and as he continues to embrace his fun, social side. Another great thing about Russet is that he loves the company of kids, especially those around eight to 12 years old. In his previous foster home, Russet lived with three children and enjoyed his time with them!


Russet is still sensitive to loud noises and gets frightened during thunderstorms, so it’s important that he finds someone who is compassionate and patient, and who is willing to continue to work to make him feel safe and comfortable in his new home. Russet would do best in a home with another social dog friend, or alternatively, he’d love to go home with his best friend Zurich!

If you’re in the Asheville area and are interested in meeting Russet, please contact Brother Wolf at [email protected].

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