Lose weight with the Sugar Buster diet: Slim thanks to the full-sugar waiver

Whether Paleo, Low Carb or Keto diets, there are as the Sand of the sea, and they all promise one thing: quick and easy weight loss.

This promise cannot be kept, in most cases, however, unfortunately, often the dreaded yo-yo is holes effect in the start.

To prevent this, is a long-term change in Diet and the Dropping of old habits.

Based on this idea, the Sugar Buster diet is based – it only provides for the waiver of a particular ingredient, and so can the Kilos for good disappear.

That’s why the body is so dependent on sugar

The German nutrition society e. V. (DGE) recommends a maximum intake of 50 grams of sugar per day, by the one or the other bad habit is this limit but easy to blow up.

High sugar consumption is the rule rather than the exception, even though sugar often makes just as dependent as cigarettes or alcohol.

However, not only conventional household sugar is to blame for this limit is quickly exceeded. The food industry added, on average, three out of four products, the sugar is not needed.

Means: 75 per cent of all products on a daily basis bought in the grocery trade, are sweeter than they should be.

Those who consumed increased table sugar or sugar, is in the long term, to maintain a constant Craving for Sweet and hot hunger attacks promote a vicious circle.

The Sugar Buster diet works

Already since the 1990s, the Sugar Buster diet is used in the fight against the Kilos.

The diet is based on a fairly simple principle – all of the foods that contain industrial sugar, are taboo.

These Sugars raise the blood sugar levels rise sharply, and thus the production of insulin, which inhibits fat loss.

Ready-made meals, but also refined carbohydrates such as white flour or Pasta should be urgently removed from the dining plan. Industrial sugar is superfluous – the body has the ability to gain the necessary Glucose from fruits, vegetables, or rice.

Are allowed, however, protein rich foods and healthy fats, such as meat, fish, vegetables and legumes. As long as it is not the fruits that contain too much fruit sugar, is allowed to fruit.

3 tips to avoid sugar in daily life

Admittedly, a drastic sugar withdrawal does not sound like a leisurely stroll – but is quite possible.

With a few simple Tricks, it is easier to remove sugar completely from everyday life and come up with the desired weight is finally closer.

1. Focus on the right foods

The Sugar Buster diet is not about to radically delete any kind of sugar from the diet is almost impossible. Rather, this form of nutrition and would like to strengthen the awareness of the right foods.

Instead of industrial desirable finished products as Süßungsquelle, should you require a vegetable. Maple syrup can be useful for example.

Picture gallery: So many piece of cube sugar is put in these products

2. Increased self-cooking

Who buys reinforced as untreated food in the supermarket and prepared this fresh, and even at home, it can self determine how much he would like to expect you to put sugar in his body and what kind.

This snack is not only for the main meals, but also for healthy Snacks.

3. Earlier go to bed and sleep more

In fact, the largest candy is the case and worst habit of most of the sugar is dependent on the Snacking in the evening on the Sofa, while comfortable, the TV is on – as, of course, gummi bears and chocolate will be included.

The appetite for Sweets can fly, as soon as one goes brushing his teeth, and early to bed – who sleeps, can’t be weak. In addition, ausgeschlafenere people have less food cravings and your cravings under control.

How effective is the Sugar Buster diet?

The Sugar Buster diet really makes sense or is the yo-yo is pre-programmed effect also here? The FIT FOR FUN-food scientist Andra Schmidt says:

“The Sugar Buster diet sound for me is first of all a bit chavvy, but it’s a healthy, sustainable food philosophy is hidden. Sugar is currently responsible for diseases such as obesity, hypertension and Diabetes. The majority of German takes up more sugar than the body actually requires energy.

Generally speaking, carbohydrates are Glucose in the liver, speak to sugar reduced. Glucose is the main energy supplier for the brain and muscle cells. However, too much Glucose is not stored in the liver “for bad times”, but in the fat cells stashed away.

Enough energy for an optimal performance level of each of vegetables, pulses, receives the fruits, pseudo-cereals, potatoes, rice and whole-grain products (caution: many finished products contain added sugar).

The Sugar Buster diet followed a very good strategy. Due to the natural cook without ready-made products, the renunciation of sweets, sodas and pastries, to shrink the fat cells and decreases automatically. The muscle mass remains the same. In addition, will improve the intestinal health, because unwanted bacteria will get no breeding ground in the Form of sugar.

Other benefits: better sleep, better concentration, better athletic performance and a better complexion.“


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Antonia Hagedorn

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