Jennifer Garner’s Take On Motherhood

Life for Jennifer Garner, both on and off the screen, involves playing the critical role of a mom. She admits it is challenging but it’s great when you have something to live for. Having played a mother several times, she feels that anyone who refuses a similar role must be crazy. But what really is her inspiration to always taking such roles and play the way she does? Let’s find out…

The 46-year-old actress said she loves playing the character of a mom because this gives meaning to her life. “There is no greater push you could receive than when your kids are involved, so you have to do what you must”. Being a mother of three children has given her real-life experiences to portray in her films.   

Countless times she has given credit to her children for being an inspiration and the defining factor behind her personality. The Beverly Hills, 90210 star noted that having children has helped to shape her career, and eventually turning her into a role model.

The Need To Provide For Her Kids

Garner admitted she didn’t like all her movie roles but had to do it because her kids depend on her. The actress recalls her agent giving her the ultimatum at one point to act a role or simply retire (must be hard!). Having your agent explode those words to you only means you must have been slacking…which she agrees to.

What Garner cited was a wake-up call for her! “It would be a disaster staying home and not being able to provide for my kids”, she stated. We definitely have to give shout outs to the star for her tremendous roles and duties of mommyhood. Of course, it is no easy feat to juggle both worlds and be perfect at it, but one must do what they have to. 

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