Is it normal to grow hair on a pregnant belly?

Loose Women presenter Stacey Solomon recently revealed she was worried she might be giving birth to a Furby after discovering ‘thick, wiry black’ hairs sprouting out of her baby bump.

In a picture she posted on her Instagram short dark hairs could be seen surrounding her bellybutton.

Followers of her account said they also experience hair growth during pregnancy while some said they noticed it happened more when they were carrying girls.

Hair growth during pregnancy, whether excessive or mild, is very common.

The hormonal changes can instigate it and in a lot of cases, the extra hair that may grow around the stomach usually disappears after giving birth, according to the  American College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists.

‘The hormone changes in pregnancy may cause the hair on your head and body to grow or become thicker,’ it says online.

‘Sometimes women grow hair in areas where they do not normally have hair, such as the face, chest, abdomen, and arms. Your hair should return to normal within six months after giving birth.’

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I think I’m pregnant with a Furby ? I need to know… Did anyone else’s belly just suddenly become covered in fur? Im not sure if you can see it but all of the grainy little lines are blonde hairs that I’ve never had before and now I’ve now started sprouting some lovely thick, wirey black ones around my belly button. I’ve always had my hair tummy snail trail which is a line of hair that practically goes from my cleavage all the way done to my hoo-ha but never an all over fuzz ?? i’m not upset by it one bit I’ve always loved my, furrier than most, body, I’m just so fascinated as to why this happens? What does it mean? Is it to keep the Furby warm? ?? Any incites are much appreciated (I think, as long as they’re not scary, if you have something scary to say, DON’T my anxiety can’t take it ?)

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Healthline says when you’re pregnant, your body goes through sudden, dramatic hormonal fluctuations.

This includes a rapid increase in oestrogen, which is largely responsible for belly hair during pregnancy. You might notice that these new hairs are thicker and darker than the hair on your head.

Some people say sudden hair growth signals the gender – but this is unfounded.

Extra hair should go away post childbirth but if it doesn’t or seems to be spreading or getting thicker, follow up with your doctor.

They may want to do a blood test to make sure the extra hair isn’t due to an underlying condition, such as: Cushing syndrome, Acromegaly or a tumour near your ovaries or adrenal glands.

In extreme cases, excessive hair growth may be a sign of hyperandrogenism – a condition characterised by excessive levels of androgens.

One of the causes of hyperandrogenism may be polycystic ovarian syndrome. See a doctor if you notice a lot of growth.

In most cases though, extra body hair is harmless and can be removed if the mother wants, by shaving, plucking, or waxing which are usually safe for pregnant women.

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