11-Year-old used the wrong toothpaste, and she soon be dead

In the U.S. state of California, a girl died while brushing your teeth, after it responded to a milk protein in the toothpaste allergic. On the case of a specialist magazine reports. Therefore, Denise suffered from a milk Allergy – overlooked then, but a warning on the toothpaste Tube.

About the tragic incident, the US trade magazine &quot reported;Allergicliving". Because the girl spots on the teeth, she went to the dentist. This recommended a special toothpaste. Although there was on the packaging a warning for Allergy sufferers, that the substance is Recaldent. This is a substance that is extracted from milk proteins and the teeth strong.

When Denise was cleaning for the first Time with the new toothpaste the teeth, realized quickly that something was wrong. When she came crying to her mother ran, her lips already blue. "Mama, I can’t atmen", should you have created. Immediately an ambulance came and brought the 11-Year-old to the hospital, but all efforts were in vain. Denise died on the same evening.

Now the grieving mother has made an urgent appeal to all parents: "Read everything. You will never be inattentive, simply because you deal for years with the Allergy."