Ikea's New Line Is Changing the Game for Small-Space Style

They say bigger isn’t always better, and that’s particularly true when it comes to home design. Small living spaces have been en vogue fo awhile now, and if you’ve got a “tiny home” (or a loft or a condo or a plain-old small apartment like so many of us), you’re in luck: Our favorite in accessible/affordable Scandinavian design, dear Ikea, is releasing a new small-space furniture line.

The line — dubbed Ravaror — will feature a collection of items designed to turn “small spaces into smart spaces,” according to a press release. “Our starting point and creative idea was the reality of urban life. We asked ourselves; what is needed to turn a small space, such as 12 square metres, into a home? And what is needed to create that homely feeling even though you might be moving on to a new place soon?,” Viveca Olsson, Creative leader at IKEA of Sweden, said. The answer? Multipurpose furniture with familiar fabrics and a small footprint.

Mobility was also of the utmost importance.

“There is a rapidly growing urban population and people are living in smaller spaces as well as moving more often than before. With Ravaror we wanted to create a few key items that have a new level of versatility, functionality and simplicity. And when it is time to move, it should be easy to pack everything up, stack them together and relocate to your next home,” Olsson said.

So what sort of products can consumers expect to see? Well, there is this snazzy sofa/end table combo, which folds up for easy storage. I mean, just look. It goes from this:

To this:

The module also sits on wheels, making it easy to move around and, according to the press release, there will be a daybed, mini kitchen, several storage and lighting solutions as well as a handful of other space-saving products. Awesome, right? Well, now the bad news: The line won’t be available until September 2020. But hey, good things come to those who wait.

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