If You’re A Cancer, Do This Workout Routine

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By Rachel Chapman/Aug. 24, 2021 10:06 am EDT

Cancers are the coziest of the zodiac signs. You’re even considered the homebody, according to InStyle, because of your nurturing and sensitive vibes. Co-Star Astrology agrees that Cancers “can feel everything,” so anyone born between June 21 and July 22 is likely to be a big ball of emotions. You’re also ruled by the moon, according to Allure, which often “represents comfort” and “self-care.” 

One form of self-care you can strive to focus on if you’re specifically tapping into your Cancer energy may be a workout routine. To relieve stress and stay fit, you should be working out each week. In fact, trainer and fitness educator Sohee Lee told Women’s Health Magazine that people should work out “anywhere between three to six days a week.” That’s generally speaking, because each individual and their needs are different. If you’re new to having a workout routine, though, you may want to start slow while making sure you’re doing something that works for you.

Cancers need something to work the mind and body, like yoga

If you jump into a workout routine that doesn’t match your personality, it has more of a potential to fizzle out. Since you are a comfy Cancer, you’ll want to find a routine that matches that vibe. Something like Pilates or yoga is what Byrdie suggests you try. These exercises are very meditative and will “keep you grounded,” which is especially important since you tend to become overwhelmed with emotions. 

Shape also suggests that Cancers should try yoga, because you need something that works your mind as well as your body. Since you prefer to stay home rather than go out, try to find some online yoga tutorials that you can follow along with in your living room. You may even want to try a virtual 30-day yoga challenge to make sure you’re working out each day. Through the Phases has a great list that includes a mindful movement yoga challenge that’ll really work your brain as well as your body. 

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