I Have Two Cheat Days Every Week: Ashanti On Her Fitness Secrets

What’s Luv? fame singer Ashanti firmly believes in the importance of self-awareness and self-health but that doesn’t mean she can’t go astray once or twice in a week to indulge in her favorite cheat dishes. The recording artist feels to maintain a balance, it is necessary to work out and eat clean but one should also allow themselves to have one or two days off in a week so that it doesn’t get too difficult.

Usually, the gorgeous singer who is also an actress eats according to a pescatarian diet which is something that was advised by her sister. After switching to the diet, the one big lifestyle change she made was to limit the consumption of meat. Ashanti says that it is quite essential to know what all stuff is there in the food you eat to maintain a healthy body.

Apart from a great physique, the Stuck star seems to have a good sense of humor as she jokingly mentioned that she is even aware of the chemicals which are there in her toothpaste and deodorant. Apparently, a healthy change in lifestyle has worked well for Ashanti as she admits to feeling more energetic which is beneficial for her work-life too.

With clean eating, she also focuses on working out sincerely, at least 5 days a week with the help of her trainer who makes sure to keep her going. For that, her fitness coach remains in touch even when she is traveling.

At present, Ashanti is busy working on her new music projects which also includes one with her friend – rapper Ja Rule. As of now, both of them have been working on coming up with a joint album soon and she feels that it will be a cool collaboration. On that, we completely agree with you, Ashanti!

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