Fridas New Fertility Line, Now at Amazon and Target, Has an Amazing Deal on an At-Home Insemination Kit

If you’re at the point where you’re thinking about starting a family, there are SO many fertility products out there that it can be beyond overwhelming. What vitamins and supplements should you start taking? How do you know when exactly to try?

Frida, a brand known for its for super honest ads about the realities of motherhood and postpartum recovery, is here to provide some answers, with its full line of pre-conception, ovulation and pregnancy testing, and insemination products. The best part? The line — featuring an at-home insemination kit that’s an upgrade to any makeshift turkey baster situation — is now live on Amazon and and available in Target stores nationwide at a price you literally cannot find anywhere else.

No matter what stage of the baby-making process you might be in (even the “Do I want to be a a parent now or later?” stage), you’re covered.

Frida’s well-thought-out line includes a set of pre-conception supplements for both the partner providing the egg and the person providing sperm in the reproductive equation. The supplement set is designed to take as soon as 6 months before trying for pregnancy in order to optimize your fertility, thanks to minerals like folate in both formulas, which supports both sperm health and healthy development of a fetus. There’s another secret weapon: CoQ10, an antioxidant that can help boost your ovarian reserve and a partner’s sperm function.

Already in the midst of giving pregnancy a try? You have options. First, track your ovulation with the kit, available on Amazon. You’ll get to know your most fertile windows by using the test strips to highlight your level of luteinizing hormone LH), a key indicator of your body getting ready to release an egg. You can keep your strips in the handy folder to observe the fertility patterns — so that you don’t need to fumble with your phone for a fertility app in the comfort of your own bathroom.

You can also get a combo ovulation testing and pregnancy testing kit if you want. You’ll want to stock up on this kit for the sole purpose of the collapsible pee cup with a handle, to prevent yourself from peeing on your hand like you might in the gyno’s office restroom. Genius, right? The pee cup also has a divet on top so you can rest your pregnancy test or ovulation strips on it while you’re waiting for a reading.

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And now for the grand finale of Frida’s line: An at-home insemination kit retails for only $50 and has everything you’d need if your family is working with a sperm donor or your partner experiences performance anxiety while trying to conceive. It comes with a slanted sperm collection cup to catch everything right in there, and two applicators for simple and effective insertion of the sample into the cervix. No kitchen tools whatsoever involved!

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