Effective weight loss: protein for a diet can definitely make a successful

Protein is important while losing weight is

Anyone who wants to lose weight, it is faced with different diets. Some of the largely to dispense with carbohydrates, others avoid fat, and others simply halve the amount of calorie intake. Prior to extreme methods, which promise a fast weight loss, however, is warned. Because of the dreaded yo-yo effect is most likely to be. Can help, however, protein rich foods, which help to reduce the weight.

Conventional diets often without the Benefit of
A few years ago, most people agreed that you should avoid all fat, if you want to reduce his weight. Meanwhile, many of the undecided are whether it is better to eat less fat or less carbs to lose weight. Some experts think anyway, popular diets bring almost nothing, because after the weight reduction is fast, a so-called yo-Yo effect and the pounds lost quickly on the hips to land. Certain foods are very helpful for long-term weight loss.

Protein rich diet helps in losing weight

Since diets the excess weight after the Hungry, often quickly continue to rise, experts warn again and again in front of the wrong Slimming. Without a yo-Yo effect to lose weight has to be changed, the diet in the long term, consistently.

Some foods play a special role here: According to the experts, a protein-rich diet can help you lose weight.

Because the proteins are more slowly utilized by the body and the belly sends out a faster saturation of feelings. In addition, protein-rich meals may reduce food cravings and fat metabolism.

They also keep you full longer. Some proteins contain amino acids (Tryptophan and tyrosine), the deployment of a saturating messengers involved in the brain.

Daily Protein Intake

But how much protein should you take? The German nutrition society (DGE) recommends for adult men and women, the daily intake of 0.8 grams per Kilo of body weight.

Fitness experts advise, usually to a higher protein consumption. Strength athletes is often recommended a lot of from 1.3 to 1.8 grams per kilogram of body weight. In each case, the amounts could be higher.

The handle to Protein bars and Shakes is usually not necessary. In most cases, a natural supply of Protein.
10 tips for losing weight

Here we show you 10 tips to lose weight connected with little effort.

Vegetable protein is healthier

Although most of the people on the subject of protein-rich food fast food such as eggs or Steaks think, but there are also a lot of vegetable Protein such as legumes (soybean, lupins, chickpeas, lentils, beans).

These are, according to scientific studies, is also significantly healthier than animal protein. A in the journal “JAMA Internal Medicine” study published even came to the conclusion that you can live with vegetable protein longer.

Who needs his protein, especially meat covers, endangers his health. Because a meat-rich diet leads to increased uric acid in the body, which may in the long term, result in some people to kidney stones or gout.

In addition, studies have pointed out that the excessive consumption of red meat increases the risk of intestinal cancers or suffer a heart attack. (sb, ad)