Drosten warns: expect increase in infection Numbers to more manageable level

Germany in the Corona-crisis has been very considerable: Indeed infected infected more than 150,000 people with Sars-CoV-2, but the number of the Corona of the dead is something more than 5500 relatively low. Top virologist Christian Drosten warns, however, against too great carelessness, and the further loosening of the lock downs – even now he looks with concern on the current Situation in Germany.

In a television Interview with the ORF, a virologist Drosten of the Charité hospital in Berlin, emphasized that he was speaking in his assessments, always as a Bio-scientist and not as a citizen or politician. Further relaxations of the restrictions in the public life of the 48 warns-Year-old strongly. He also takes the citizen to the visor. The infection numbers would rise again slightly and this was “may be seen in connection with the Easter weekend”, “where perhaps in spite of contact block some people have taken it so strictly”. Take this for the next few weeks a lot of uncertainty, because the effects of relaxations after Easter not to pay even in the current Infection are priced.

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How, for example, the Opening of shops for up to 800 square feet of impact, or the human interpretation of the relaxed measures, it was necessary to observe. If you now open for example, all charging lines, because the stores comply with the provisions laid down, had much more of an audience than in a single Load. The virologist warns therefore before the effects that were not intended by the policy. “Whether it will now pay a second wave, as I has been shortened, or an Increase of the Infection to a non-acceptable level is: We have to expect something like that now, unfortunately,” says Drosten. The virologist, stressed that he was well aware that it is very harmful for the economy, if one takes measures very hard. But he was speaking as a scientist.

Relaxation in the summer, but no immunity

The summer will still help. The combination of solar radiation, dryness and a lot of time of people out in the open could lead to less infections. However, this also meant that the population would build up less and less immunity for the Winter. “Then again, the Lockdown could face,” said Drosten.

To a vaccine virologist believes, but not in the next time – at the earliest in a year, Drosten expects. “The question is, how’s it going up there.” He also relies on the unknown effects of the still underdeveloped lung disease, a so-called background immunity, could have built people of previous cold corona viruses. Also in the NDR Podcast "The Coronavirus-Update" had expressed Drosten already in detail on this.


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Summer activities advises Drosten, nevertheless, with caution exercise. “De facto safe” it is out there. But “overall, movement and sports are, of course, something Good,” says the virologist. By the dilution in the air is an aerosol component in the Free “less for Wear” in the opposite half or full hour periods in enclosed spaces with many people. Before contact-intensive sports warns Drosten.

Drosten sees Sweden’s path as failed

The liberal model, the Sweden currently ride looks Drosten rather critical. “The truth lies in the middle. You saw a lot of people on the street, but the inherent sense of responsibility in Sweden is much higher. But we see in these days, that has apparently passed. The mortality rate goes rapidly to the top.“ Therefore, Sweden will intensify now his measures, and was, ultimately, the Corona of the crisis, later than, for example, Germany and Austria – “only with a lot more dead”.

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