We do not consider ethically unacceptable – Merkel includes different rules for the Young and the Old from

The Coronavirus spreads! In Germany, 3218 people are already as a result of Covid-19 died, 128.514 are or have been infected with the Virus. On Wednesday, Merkel will respond to the restrictions. All the information about the Corona-crisis you will find in the News Ticker of FOCUS Online.

18.49 Uhr: "This is stronger than what we were a few weeks ago made haben", Merkel says to the question of why masks are not compulsory, but only recommended. On the question of whether the possible different interpretation of easing by the Federal States was not problematic, responds to the Chancellor: "I’ve now heard that it has led to distortions, because a country has the store open and the other not. But the can tell the Prime Minister better than I do." In a Federal state, there will never be equality "on the day genau" be able to restore. Söder adds that different countries are in different situations. And Hamburg’s mayor Tschentscher says to the Federal System: "The success gives us right."

18.47 PM: "We don’t do this, what is sometimes discussed: The boys get all the freedom, and the Old will be sidelined geschoben", Merkel says. You think "for ethical vertretbar". The need to protect vulnerable groups particularly, but you should not "social ausschließen".

18.44 PM: The announcement from North Rhine-Westphalia, the schools from next Monday step way to open is with today’s agreement, from the table, puts Merkel in a clear.

18.41 PM: Is "Flatten The Curve" still the strategy of choice? Or is a strategy change? "The curve is flatter geworden", Merkel says. "We are in an area of New infections – 3000 or even under – you can understand in the health offices. That must be our goal. Everything else will get us in big trouble. We need to look at that very carefully."

The model observations have shown, that the reproduction factor is approximately one, so a man is in average a other people. It is extremely important that it stay at this low number, because a value of 1.2 to come "in July of the burden of our Gesundheitssystems&quot border;; It’ll show how small the room was.

18.39 PM: "There were different Überlegungen", also Söder says to the 800 number. They have their root in the construction. He cares in front of "insanely great Ansammlungen" in large furniture stores and similar shops. He personally consider 800 square meters "for almost viel", the Bavarian Prime Minister says. The Cabinet in the free state will again talk about it – the States may agree, for themselves personally, even a lower number.

18.37 PM: How did this 800-square-foot requirement come about? Merkel says that it is important to first open all the shops, and smaller shops might better apply the Hygiene Standards and to implement. The number 800 has been a compromise, the have found themselves in the talks, says the Chancellor.

18.35: Now may the journalists present to ask questions. To the question of when the gastronomy is not allowed to open, "we can sagen&quot now still nothing;, Merkel responds. A gourmet operating with the output restrictions are not compatible, because no one could control, "who a table herumsitzt". First, it is a matter of figuring out "how much room we haben". The question of gastronomy have not even been on the agenda, reveals the Chancellor. "And therefore it would be speculative to respond."

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