Strange medical case: man loses sensation in the leg due to a blockage

Because he had a strong constipation, suffered a man from Australia, Nausea, abdominal and leg pain. The Doctors feared a life-threatening Situation, and operated on the 53-Year-old immediately. About the curious case, they have now published a report.

He had abdominal pain, he was sick and his legs were swollen. It seems that some of the health condition of a man from Australia deteriorated further and further. In the emergency room, the Doctors, what was behind his ailments have discovered that The man had a constipation.

This curious case, the treating Physicians reported in a BMJ case Report. Three days after the 53-Year-old first pain had noticed, he lost the feeling in his right leg and couldn’t move anymore. As the Doctors write in their case report, I feel the leg is cold and no palpable pulse had.

Subsequently, the doctors performed a rectal examination. A Scan of his abdomen showed that he suffered from a massive chair compression. This had led to extremely strong pressure in the stomach, a potentially life-threatening abdominal syndrome compartment.

Stools under General anesthesia

The faeces had inflated his colon and pressure on his right iliac artery in the pelvis. exercised. This pressure caused the pain in his leg, and the paralysis.

The Doctors operated on the 53-Year-old immediately, he also showed signs of impaired renal function. Thus, the physicians were able to eliminate the backlog of faeces, and his belly relieve. "A significant Movement was manually performed under General anesthesia, with approximately two liters of feces removed wurden", the Doctors said the Portal "IFL Science" according to.

Four days after his surgery, the Australian was able to leave the hospital again. It took 13 days until he could walk again.

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