Diabetes type 2 warning – the one fruit you should avoid or risk high blood sugar symptoms

Diabetes is a common condition that affects about four million people in the UK, and 90 per cent of all cases are caused by type 2 diabetes. It could be caused by the body not producing enough of the hormone insulin, or the body not reacting to insulin. Without enough of the hormone, the body struggles to convert sugar in the blood into useable energy. You could be at risk of high blood sugar symptoms if you frequently eat cherries, it’s been claimed.

Certain fruits may cause your blood sugars to spike at a quicker pace than others

Barbie Cervoni

Eating too many cherries could be raising your blood sugar levels, and increase your chances of diabetes, warned dietician Barbie Cervoni.

Cherries are high in carbohydrates, which are made up of sugars that raise blood sugar levels.

If you do decide to eat cherries, it’s best to avoid eating lots in one go, warned the dietitian.

“If you have diabetes, chances are someone has said that you are not allowed to eat fruit. This is not true,” Cervoni wrote on medical website Very Well Health.

“Certain fruits may cause your blood sugars to spike at a quicker pace than others.

“There are certain fruits that make my do-not-eat list. These fruits have been placed on this list either because they have a higher glycemic index or because most people overeat them, which results in higher blood sugar.

“Most people don’t stop eating cherries at just a handful, which is why eating cherries will usually result in blood sugar spikes.

“Similar to grapes, one cherry contains one gram of carbohydrate. If you find that yourself snacking on a big bowl of cherries, it’s probably best to avoid them altogether.”

If you have diabetes, you should also avoid eating too much pineapple, added Cervoni.

Pineapple is a high glycaemic index food, which means it’s quickly digested, and raises blood sugar levels quickly in one burst.

If you do tend to eat pineapple, it’s best to stick to a half a cup portion size, and avoid buying canned pineapple.

Diabetes type 2: Foods to lower blood sugar

Diabetes type 2: Foods to lower blood sugar.

Diabetes type 2: Foods to lower blood sugar

You can lower your chances of developing diabetes by eating a healthy, balanced diet, said the NHS.

Many people may already have the condition without even knowing it, because the symptoms don’t necessarily make you feel unwell.

Common diabetes symptoms include feeling very tired, passing more urine than normal, and having blurred vision.

Diagnosing the condition early is crucial, as high blood sugar raises your risk of some deadly complications, including heart disease and strokes.

Speak to a doctor if you’re worried about the symptoms of diabetes, or if you think you may be at risk.

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