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How to protect yourself Pangoline in front of the Coronavirus?

Pangoline can carry the Coronavirus, but the Lack of two Sensors seems to protect the animals from disease. The understanding of this evolutionary advantage could point to potential treatment options for corona virus in humans.

In the current investigation, the Medical University of Vienna, it was found that Pangoline can carry the Coronavirus to be due to a lack of Sensors, but is a disease protected seem. The results of the study were published in the English scientific journal “Frontiers in Immunology”.

Missing genes Pangoline protect against COVID-19?

Similar to a smoke detector triggers an Alarm, feeling certain Sensors, the Intrusion of virus in the body and in such a case, in most of the mammalian immune response. In Pangolinen (also Pangolin are called) are missing two of these important Sensors.

The study allows for new treatment options?

This finding is very significant, because Pangoline can be carriers of the Coronavirus, but by a so far unknown mechanism, the Virus can tolerate. An understanding of the mechanism behind this protection could point to potential treatment options for people.

Why were Pangoline investigated

The researchers focused their study on Pangoline, because these exotic animals could have transmitted the Virus in the past year to the people and thus for the current COVID-19 pandemic, the necessary Transmission between the species have triggered. Bats have also been identified as potential infectious agents.

Pangolinen a really important Form of anti-viral defence is missing

For the study, the research group analyzed the genome sequence of Pangolinen and compared these with other mammals such as humans, cats, dogs and cattle. The investigation shows that Pangoline millions of years have survived Evolution without a kind of anti-viral defence, which is normally used by all other mammals, reports the researchers.

Further studies on Pangolinen are attached

“Further studies on Pangoline will reveal how you manage to survive virus infection, and this could help to develop new treatment strategies for people with viral infections,” explains study author Professor Dr Leopold Eckhart of the Medical University of Vienna in a press release.

Pharmacological suppression of the signal transmission of genes

In humans, the Coronavirus can trigger an inflammatory immune response, a so-called cytokine storm, what can the disease be more serious. A potential treatment option for severe cases of COVID-19 could be, according to the researchers, the drug suppression of the gensignal transmission ends

Further research is needed

Professor Eckhart warns, however, that such an agent could open a secondary infections of the door. “The biggest challenge is to reduce the response to the pathogen and at the same time, a sufficient control of the Virus to maintain,” continues the author of the study. An overactivated immune system can be mitigated by reducing the intensity or the timing of the immune response changes. The study identified only genetic differences between Pangolins and other mammals, therefore, the antiviral reactions of this species only in follow-up studies need to be examined in detail. (as)