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In the global Crisis, Germany is very good

Germany is in terms of the Coronavirus pandemic is currently the safest country in Europe. In a global comparison, Germany is in second place. Only Israel was ranked in a London analysis as safer than Germany.

The London Deep Knowledge Group is a consortium of commercial and non-profit organizations, whose focus, among other things, the analysis of data. In a recent analysis, the expert compared the interior and experts from the countries themselves, in terms of dealing with the Coronavirus pandemic. Germany performed especially well.

Which country protects the people, before COVID-19?

According to a ranking of Countries, the Deep Knowledge Group in Germany is currently one of the safest countries in the world. While in many countries people fear for their lives and their economic livelihood, are the inhabitants of Germany according to the analysis relatively well. Therefore, Germany is currently the safest country in Europe and the second safest in the world. Here are the ten safest countries according to the Ranking:

Germany: the Best efficiency with the COVID-19-therapy

In addition, Germany cut off the efficiency of the COViD-19-treatment as the best country in the world. In no other country in the world, the Concerned supplies at the moment is better than here. The following table shows the first five places:

Germany offers the world the most support

Also, in comparison to the support that the government gives to its citizens, Germany was not able to cut the best country in the world. No other country currently offers the inhabitants more than Germany. Here are the first five countries in this context, according to the analysis:

The most dangerous countries in the world

The Deep Knowledge Group identified the currently most dangerous countries in the world in terms of the Coronavirus pandemic. This showed that half of the most dangerous countries in Europe. Italy was ranked as the most dangerous country. Here are the most dangerous of the ten countries according to the Ranking:

How data were used?

The Deep Knowledge Group has complex frameworks, which are normally applied in the development of Artificial intelligence, drug discovery, and Neurotechnology. During the pandemic, the Expert to designed of experts, these methods of analysis so that you have been able to analyse large amounts of data, which are collected for example from organisations such as WHO, CDC, Johns Hopkins University, and Worldometers.

The analysis team is trying to adapt the methodology in the next few months continuously. The results are to help people and countries to make informed decisions that bring the maximum Benefit to deal with the crisis.

The early Action paid off

The analysis also revealed that especially countries perform relatively well at an early stage and consistently started with the fight against COVID-19. It showed that the introduction of quarantine measures is particularly effective, before the number of confirmed cases of 50,000 exceeds. As a positive example, the researchers mention in the context of Germany and China. (vb)