Coronavirus: Doctor offers tips for keeping the immune system healthy during the pandemic

Coronavirus currently has no cure, and a vaccine is still in development, so keeping the immune system in tip top shape is of the utmost importance. Leading immunologist Dr Jenna Macciochi specialises in this area and has offered her best tips for staying healthy during the coronavirus pandemic. Dr Macciochi specialises in understanding how nutrition and lifestyle interact with the immune system. She stressed at this critical time, it’s essential to take care of the immune system.


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For anyone feeling rundown and lethargic a tonic health could help. Dr Macciochi said: “Wanting to supercharge your immunity for an important event or busy period then a tonic health can give you a little extra boost to feel your fighting best.

“Tonic health was developed with nutritional medicine scientists and the unique natural formula uses a combination of high dose vitamin C, D and Zinc combined with real plant extracts in a hot soothing drink.

“If you’re feeling rundown or just want to make sure you are in the best of health, a high dose of extra vitamins such as C, D and minerals such as zinc can really help.

“These ingredients have been shown to both protect the immune system and also help speed up recovery in times of sickness.”

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Dr Macciochi said: “Specialised viral fighting cells called natural killer cells are one of our first lines of defence against getting ill.

“Just one bad night’s sleep can make the number of cells plummet by 70 percent. Getting enough quality sleep is vital for a healthy immune system.

“Eating well is also equally important. More than 70 percent of our immune system is located in the gut, make sure you are getting good plant diversity and fibre.”

As many know stress, can negatively affect the body in numerous ways. “Stress is one of the major contributors to an unbalanced immune system and susceptibility to infections.

“It’s important to try and reduce as much as you can through breathing techniques or just taking a moment to have a cup of tea.

“Also, it’s imperative to increase your vitamins. When infection hits, our bodies demand for vitamin C goes up.

“Research shows that supplementing with megadoses when catching a cold can help speed up recovery,” said Dr Macciochi.


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She added: “Zinc is another excellent vitamin and is involved in supporting over 300 enzyme reactions which are involved in our immune system.

“According to recent research, short term use of high dose zinc can help immune defences fight a cold faster.

“Vitamin D is also a good idea to take extra help for the immune system.”

Asked if it was important to be taking supplements during these times, Dr Macciochi said: “In order to build your immune system as much as possible, a holistic approach is always best covering all the bases.

“In times of need, a dose of max strength tonic health is advised.

“It’s also so important to remember to eat well, stress less and fill yourself up with vitamins and minerals.”


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