Burger King's Newest Item Is Every Carnival Lover's Dream Come True

Despite their moniker, French fries are an American staple. We eat them with chicken, steak, burgers, hot dogs, mussels, fish — just about everything.  But Burger King’s latest fry offering isn’t savory at all. In fact, these spuds aren’t even potato-based. Instead, Burger King’s new funnel cake fries are sweet, and they are the snack we didn’t know we needed.

A representative from the fast food chain told Today that the theme park-inspired fries are made with real funnel cake batter. “The fries will have all of the tasty aspects you love about funnel cake: hot, crispy, and topped off with powdered sugar, but in french fry form.” We imagine they will also be greasy and a little gooey, because what fun is carnival food without the mess.

Longtime BK fans may recall this is not the snack’s first appearance. Funnel cake fries were released in 2009 (at the time, they came with a white dipping sauce, aka icing). And while Burger King has yet to confirm if the 2019 variation will come with an accouterment, many are just happy to see the fries return. One person wrote on Twitter, “I will never stop thinking about when Burger King had funnel cake sticks.”

The good news is that now we don’t have to: Funnel cake fries will be available in most locations on Jan. 24, and at just $1.99, we have no doubt these treats will be super popular. The bad news? The fries will only available for a limited time. So be sure to grab these bad boys while you can. 

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