Attention! Dangerous bacteria in sausage discovered Aldi Nord recalls cold cuts

The variety of the “farmer’s feast” of the article “Breakfast meat is affected cold meats, 125 g of” date of minimum durability 28.04.2019.

Supplier is the “Gmyrek meat and sausages GmbH & Co. KG“. Other dates and varieties, as well as other articles of the supplier are not affected by the recall, the company said. The Listeria was found, therefore, in the case of a self-control of the supplier.

Consumers who have purchased the product with the date of minimum durability should not bring to consume and back to the Store. There, you will be refunded the purchase price, so the Aldi Nord in a message. In the case of the recall is a precautionary measure.

Listeria may include fever and diarrhea

"Listeria can cause flu-like symptoms with fever and diarrhea. In particular, in the case of Pregnant women, small children, and persons with a weakened immune system can auftreten&quot in consequence of the consumption of serious diseases (“listeriosis”) ;, according to the company.

So customers can check to see if your Aldi store has sold the sausage

The affected sausage of the variety "Bauernschmaus" was Herten, according to Aldi Nord exclusively in the companies and Salzgitter traded.

Which is the company, their respective Aldi stores, customers can check on the Aldi site.

The supplier "Gmyrek meat and sausages GmbH & Co. KG“ has set up a telephone number for consumer inquiries: 05371-8090.