To the part in the single-digit age, expert warns: In Cologne, there are elementary school students, the Smoking weed

Since the age of 13 the choice-the Rhine countries is for the treatment of children and adolescents up to 18 years in charge. Claus care of the patient, the materials are both dependent on the addiction as well as the media.

Consumers are getting younger and younger

“It has occurred in the last decades a significant change,” he says. “This is partly dependent on how drugs are perceived, whether they are classified as dangerous or harmless,” explains the expert.

The main change is that “the entry actually takes place earlier and earlier.”

Kiffende primary school pupils in Cologne?

About 15 years ago, you’ve wondered about a twelve-year Cannabis users, he says. “Today, Cannabis-dependent patients, in isolated cases, already on our Station that are still in the single-digit age.” Means in plain text: In Cologne, there are elementary school students, the Smoking weed!

So runs the drug-Business to Cologne-based schools: As the substance of the students said, and a drug AdvisorHERE read more!

Parents are partly to blame for

But why is that? “For one thing, often to the demonstrably false Belief that Smoking Weed is harmless because it will be legalized anyway in the foreseeable future,” says Claus. And: “in large rooms, such as Cologne, we have a few families where the parents are often more concerned with their own problems,” says Claus.

Also a few parents do not suffer from the parts of early consumers, even under a mental illness, or are even dependent on alcohol, drugs, or illegal drugs.

Newfangled Educational Ideal

But also in the pedagogy had changed something in our society. “Today it is chic to put his children boundaries,” says Claus. This uncertainty arises for many parents.

“To start with, that you tacitly accept that your child is secretly smokes and then goes over to the tacit acceptance of cannabis use.”

Lone parents are more likely to be affected

Be tempted the early consumers often Older. “Especially in the case of lone parents or parents who are taken by their own problems so that you have to make sure whether the child is now 19 or 22 at or home at all”, there is a danger that older “friends” encourage the child to drug use.

Cannabis today is much stronger and more dangerous

Cannabis and amphetamines are available in young patients, is still looking for in the first place, directly followed by alcohol.

Claus: “Cannabis has a much stronger concentration than it was even 15 or 20 years ago, and is much more harmful for the adolescent brain.”

This article was written by Johanna Ristau